More Army memories from the 1980s

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by HB70, Feb 15, 2010.

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  1. Apologies to all you airsofters and cadets who still seem to be up.

    These are some more things I remember fondly from when I joined in 1987

    Biscuits Brown

    Biscuits fruit

    Oatmeal blocks

    Compo all in cans

    Lucozade from the NAAFI for £1 a bottle

    KF shirts you had to shave before you could wear them

    Putting bootleces into the collar of your wooly pully

    Bedford MK's

    Vauxhall Cavaier staff cars

    Armstrong 500cc 4 stroke bikes with compression that could break your leg

    Part 3a's

    Babies Heads

    KF Mug

    Active edge kit

    Victors berets

    Norgie shirts

    Those old Combat jackets with linings in them


    Paras in Aldershot

    HM Forces railcards with pictures you could swap around

    MOD90's that were pink with dodgy black and white photos

    Happy days indeed
  2. More b0ll0x that someone else will have to delete!

    Poor them (the deletor that is, not THEM)...
  3. Aaaaaaaaaah you werent THERE in the 80's
  4. hb70 your getting rite on my fcukin nerves
  5. You really should use the "Search" function.
  6. Get some superglue and cheesewire, fashion the cheesewire into a noose, stand on a stool and place the noose around your neck, attach the other end to a roof beam or some such. Now for the piece de resistance, superglue your hands to the sides of your head and JUMP. If you do it right your friends will think you've ripped your own head off.
  7. :clap:
  8. Some excellent advice there, HB70, maybe you could put a video camera onto remote play. The result would become the most popular You Tube movie in the internet links thread.
  9. And even more popular than this
  10. He missed one item off though, the old tin lid with the big metal spike that stuck through your skull if the spider was obviously drilled through his brain.
  11. Usually, people who write LOL make my teeth itch. However, that has just made me laugh so hard that I've gone a little bit dizzy. Cheers for that.
  12. Nah, too soft...
  13. Got me there, can`t beat that.
  14. It's totally fcuking outragously disgusting and can trump most things including 2 girls 1 cup!