More Army cuts but RAF Regt still endure

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chutley, Jul 25, 2011.

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  1. A senior Army chief has warned of a fresh wave of redundancies that will wipe out entire battalions and regiments, a leaked letter to commanding officers has revealed. Gen Peter Wall, Chief of the General Staff (CGS), said an additional 5,000 soldiers will be made redundant on top of the 7,000 the Government has already announced.

    That will lead to an "inevitable" new redundancy programme and the "disbanding" of battalions, he revealed in a letter seen by the Daily Telegraph.

    But despite this, the RAF Regt still endures. Why don't the Army make a fresh attempt to get rid of them and take over their role - might at least keep a few more soldiers. Perhaps the Army could use a tour protecting the Crabs as an RnR tour?
  2. someone somewhere must've thought of this, it seems too obvious not to have been overlooked.

    bin the RAF Regt in a heartbeat
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  3. Can't see the RAF giving-up their last remaining all-weather day/night capability, can you?
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  4. you can't cut the RAf Reg. They're part of the big 4...aparently as one of their number once bosted to me in the ECOS in the COB in Iraq!! :)
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  5. Their role died with Harrier and / or WW2, they have no role, good chaps one and all I am sure, but what is the point of the RAF Regt.?????????
  6. Make everyone else look good?
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  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Airfield and low level AD.

    And since the RA has opted for more UAV rather than HVM/Rapier/Bofors 40/70 its something that (currently) only they are equipped to do.
  8. write to your MP chutley and get this sorted.
  9. As much as I like laying into The Short Range Desert Group an interesting point is made every time and its now my turn.

    Who the fcuk really wants to stag on an airfield for 6 months?

    Now - If we were to properly train all of the corps instead of certain trades we could say everyone is a soldier first and a tradesman second. Then we could say that EVERYBODY who enjoys sleeping in an established camp, such as an airbase should have a role to play in its defence. For Example, covering the stagging on duties so that it only requires very few infanteers/soldiers in an infantry role to provide the local area defence through pro-active patrolling. In the past this has been quite capably left to formed TA companies however could be farmed out to pioneers, tankies, RA, RMP etc.

    The army needs to prove it will make the most of what its got before it starts pointing the finger at other forces to chop some of their staff.

    To clarify - Please don't lose sleep if I mentioned your lot. I'm not implying you don't work just that your role might not be needed in whatever nonsense war is going on. For example just because we're not engaging T-80's doesn't mean that tankies should have to sit the tour out.
  10. There will be plenty of RA Regiments looking for a job very soon, the point is that they are no less expendable than any other unit and yet they seem to survive cut after cut, they have had more re-inventions than a cortina and yet unlike the cortina they still remain as a a pointless ageing pile of scrap that should have been removed along time ago.
  11. You cant kill me,Brownjob.If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine....
  12. I didn't know Crimplene was waterproof :)
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  13. With what?

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  14. Someones got to guard the golf courses
  15. Really ? If anyone is a true survivor then its the Royal Regiment, its our ability to adapt and evolve that will mean we will be around for a very long time
    in ever increasing numbers.

    Here's a solution, why not sack the RAC ? Recce elements held with the RA, HCR merge with the RHA and backload Challenger to the TA

    Job done :eek:)

    At least there will be a lot less god awful trousers kicking about
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