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Generic drug supply exposes flaw in subsidy scheme

GENERIC drug company Ranbaxy is giving chemists free supplies of its anti-cholesterol pill Trovas, rival to the nation's biggest-selling medicine Lipitor, in a move that means taxpayers are wasting about $410 million a year subsidising the drug.

Although the medicine is being supplied for free, taxpayers still pay up to $73 every time a script is dispensed under the nation's drug subsidy scheme. The money goes to the chemists.

Lipitor is the nation's biggest-selling drug, with more than 10 million subsidised scripts supplied every year. The cholesterol treatment came off patent this month and the Ranbaxy offer is part of a strategy by the generic company to build its market share before nine new generic competitors enter the market next month.

Ranbaxy is offering chemists $14,650 worth of free supplies and has told pharmacists it will sell future supplies at a 90 per cent discount on the government's set price when the freebies run out.

The free supply of the drug has exposed once again how the nation's drug subsidy scheme is paying too much for generic medicines and is unable to secure taxpayers the best price on a range of cheap generic drugs.
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Good job we get cheap generics then.
$73 a script is a lot of money to a lot of Aussies, esp if you have to pay about $40 each time you go to a GP.

I have a three year old kid and I spend $350 per month on private medical insurance, plus about $250 per month on visits to GP for him and on scripts. In addition, we have to pay a Medicare levy on our tax on top of this.

In addition, the pte medical insurance doesn't cover the bulk of dental bills so probably pay about a grand a year on the fang farrier.

I think the government is a bit bloody rude in not trying to get the best deal posible on drugs for the tax payer.

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