More Air assets into Afgan - UAV and maybe Heli too.

Just not for the UK :D

Ignazio La Russa, Italy's ministry of defense, has promised Italian soldiers in Afghanistan more UAVs and suggested that more helicopters also could be on their way.

La Russa told personnel in Herat in western Afghanistan on July 21 that he would send more unarmed Predator UAVs for surveillance missions following a July 14 roadside bombing that killed an Italian soldier.

Italy already has acquired two new upgraded Predator A's to join the four it has in service, and is purchasing four unarmed Predator Bs.

"It is possible we will also increase the number of helicopters to have better aerial coverage, as well as deploying our Tornadoes offensively," he said.

Italy uses its Tornado aircraft in Afghanistan for surveillance work only.

La Russa also repeated statements he made last week to the Italian parliament about protecting gunners positioned in the hatch of Italy's Lince patrol vehicles, such as the Italian soldier who was killed this month.

Before the IED attack, Italy had already issued a tender for remote controlled turrets to replace the manned hatches on the Lince vehicles.
I understand Britain has moved away from deploying further UAVs following the loss on one of their Reapers.

Instead,a manned surveillence airplane,the Shadow R.1 based on the King Air 350 airframe is in the process of being deployed.

The Americans similarly are deploying up to 37 MC-12W(also based on the King Air 350 airframe) airplanes to both Afghanistan and Iraq to detect IEDs.

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