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Hello all
I will be joining the TA(infantry)if accepted,as soon as i am up to spec.Im having trouble deciding on which Regiment to join,there is a local Infantry Regiment within a 20min drive from my location,but i was thinking more along the lines of 4 Para.Basically when im up to standard id like to do an Op tour,my main reason for joining would be to get mobilised(sry if i sound like a tit).I live in South Wales and the nearest Para Regiment is in London,so what would be the chances of getting mobilised with a normal Infantry Regiment?.....any info would be appreciated,cheers.
Gaffa said:
Basically when im up to standard id like to do an Op tour,my main reason for joining would be to get mobilised(sry if i sound like a tit).
You don't sound like a tit to me, that's exactly what I'm signing up for. By the sounds of it, the TA is in need of more people like yourself.
You have a good chance in most parts of the TA. Plus there are generally opportunities for those who are interested even if your unit isn't going.

Is there any Royal Marine Reserve your way? Might be another option.
Truckloads - Stick to your local unit as there will be opportunities to get mobilised with your own or other inf units.However get at least 12mths experience post CIC before volunteering for mobilisation.
join 3 Royal Welsh you disloyal cad. PM me with your location if you want any phone numbers. i know at least one of their guys is in iraq at the mo. if you're keen to go, that's the main criteria methinks!
There is absolutely no shortage of mobilisation opportunities across the TA Inf right now (anyone who wants to go away is actively encouraged to), and no prospect of a reduction in the near future.
I would join your local Inf unit as the benefits of being "just round the corner" are considerable.



Wales to London for 4 Para is a non starter. A few have tried, but the travelling times always beat them eventually. Go to your local Inf unit, and enjoy your tour.

Good luck.

Thanks for the reply's lad much appreciated.
Ive just found out that my local TA Infantry Company is changing to a Anti-tank Missile company,so ill have to decide on a different option,the nearest now being the best part of an hour away.The Royal Marine Reserve is an option that i had not thought about,so ill look into that(even tho i swim like a brick :lol: ),the nearest Unit is in Cardiff,which again is about an hour away.So i just need to decide on which to go for and to get my arse in gear!...cheers lads

My recommendation, for what it is worth, is join your local unit. It doesn't matter what their role is, you will get mobilisation opportunities as an infantryman.

Gaffa, if they're going Javelin, the chances are that it will not be functional for at least a year, due to shortages of training packages and trained staff. You will be trained as an infantry man, and even if anti-tank isn't your bag, there are plenty of opportunities for other infantry work which suits you i.e. Cambrian Patrol, Shooting team etc.

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