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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by roflwofl, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. Bear with me, When I was 20, I applied for the regular army but got deferred due to a lump they found on my left testicle; I was pretty gutted but got it checked out immediately from two different doctors and a specialist (has an ultra sound on my testes). I never perused the army after that due to family deaths and such and getting married. Now I'm applying to the TA and have my selection weekend on April 20-22 at Glencoarse. My doctors never fixed the problem because of it being so trivial, and it causes me no discomfort in over 12 years. I went into the doctors again to have it checked, and again, I was told it was nothing grave and not likely to be anything serious. I have the original report from 1999 about the tests they did, and I'll write what the specialist has said.

    ULTRASOUND - TESTES: the testes is intrinsically normal. There is no evidence of any epididymal cyst. The features are those of a minor degree of left varicocele (varicose veins on the baw) Also the kidneys are also normal.

    A copy of this report was sent direct to the patient at his request for on-wards transmission to Army recruitment.

    Will I still be failed on this trivial thing that has never caused me and problems, never hurt, ever gotten bigger, and never stopped me from doing extensive sports?

    I know you guys aren't doctors but what do ya think?

    I will be pretty pissed if I go down to glencoarse and get sent back home the 100 miles because of something so trivial.

    I still have the copy of the Radiology report to take down with me in case.
  2. Sounds to me like a minor abnormality, and with the medical history now long in the tooth should not affect your TA application.

    Take the old medical report with you which will in fact support you.
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  3. Thanks for the information fella, I'm just so hyped about doing this; I don't want to falter on the last hurdle. My doctors have looked at it at various stages, and specialists have all said its so trivial it's just not worth fixing. And my thinking is it's never caused me any discomfort in over 12 years surely that must count for something, coupled with my ultrasound results I have; I should be okay.
  4. 1. use the search function

    2. talk to your recruiter (or whatever the TA have)

    3. use the correct thread (see point 1)

    4. man up, there appears to be nothing wrong
  5. Yea, I'm new here and completely forgot about using a search function. As for the post being in he wrong section, my bad.
  6. Stand on the original medical paperwork, to make sure you pass the height requirement...
  7. How very helpful of you! Anymore nuggets of wisdom?
  8. No that's rounds complete from this c/s! Save to wish you the best of luck with your medical.
  9. CJM

    CJM Old-Salt

    I wasn't given a full medical when applying to the TA. I just got given pulhheems by a civilian doctor who was brought in. Didn't have the medical at selection either.
  10. It just says Medical Staff on the schedule I was given. Idk if that's their own in-house docs or civilian doctors. I'm not to worried now, I'll just sac up and see what happens.
  11. The official line on this is if the varicocoele is small and not causing any symptoms, then there shouldnt be an issue

    If it is symptomatic you will need a letter from an NHS consultant saying surgery isnt needed

    So it doesnt seem like a prob to me

  12. Thanks for the information, I have a letter from the radiology department stating that its a "minor varicocoele". So I'll just take that with me and if he/she asks I'll hand it over.