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Discussion in 'REME' started by Devilishdave, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. YES we should have a corps 22 year fund and the corps ASM should make it happen

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  2. Yes we should have a corps 22 year fund but the Corps ASM has enough on his plate...

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  3. NO we should not have a corps 22 year fund

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  1. Please only reply to this thread if you have compleated 22 years or intend to.

    {edited due to adding poll}
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    But would all REME SNCO's want to pay into it? I fully appreciate what you are bringing up here, but where you end up serving out your final posting is also a factor - the mess that hosts your dining out is responsible for your send-off.

    It is the way of life for us REME's that we are often cast adrift, with no permanent attatchment to any unit or area.

    The unit you finish your time with host your dining out. Often, REME's have been well respected and sent out to civvy street with many happy memories and a presentation that they are happy with. On other occasions, certain regiments (often inf i'm afraid) think "Well he wasn't in our mess until last year, who cares if he's done 22, he hasn't paid enough subs so fcuk him"

    My personal jury is out regarding this - I know if i hit my 22 tomorrow (i won't) i would get a fantastic send off from the mess. But i also know other REME's hitting 22 in other units are getting simply a Top Table lunch, sometimes not even that.
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    To answer your question:

    Yes, with an "if"

    No, with a "maybe"
  4. Why didn't you put it to the vote? you should have used lean thinking !
  5. yes there should be a 22 year presentation but is there no way that the corps could pay for it rather than the individual? not that i`m a tight git, i have paid into presentation funds in every unit i have been with, but this is different.
  6. Devilishdave, hope you don't mind, I've edited your first post to include a poll. If you don't want it let me know and I'll delete the poll.

  7. Yes, but I reckon its an MCM thing not the corps ASM, "A Technical Corps should have a Technical head" or some such bollacks when the post was established and we waved bye-bye to the RSM. So he's technical, this is admin, MCMs job.........
  8. Thanks humph

  9. Why does everyone always assume that a REME tradesman after 22 years will be in the Sgt's mess(before you start i am in the mess) and that his current unit will give him a dining out.
    Our corp until a few years ago did not even list those members who were leaving after the long haul, then they listed them all together and now you are listed under the grown up posted section.
    When will the Corp realise that the way you treat the old when they leave influences the young. If they see someone who after 22 years leave with not even a mention or at least a letter of thanks from the Corp then what are they meant to think.
    An overstretched organisation such as ours does not say thank you unless you are at aborfield is a prime example of what they think of us.
  10. An easy solution would be to tie the 22 yr presentation to REME Benevolent fund contributions. As the subs are collected through our pay directly, anyone who gave a days pay a year for at least 10 continual years before retiring should receive a presentation from the fund, on behalf of the Corps. A quality Corps gift in the region of £200 would be a fair gesture, this would additionally benefit the fund by having nearly all REME soldiers paying a days pay from their 12 year point onwards.

    A 22 Yr Corps presentation has been talked about for years and at present we have many personnel in posts where they do not receive a final presentation from a mess or there is no mess! The Corps ASM should definately we seeking a solution to this issue.
  11. Renovatio - Top idea. Been put forward before and rejected by those who will never be in the position of getting a 22 year reward, namely senior officers.

    Total agrement on the Corps ASM being the man to sort this little can of worms out once and for all, even though he won't be leaving at the 22 year point. We can look after crusty old vehicles for well over 22 years, but we can't look after the most valuable asset our manpower once they get past the JNCO level. While i'm on the subject, why does IIP stop at Sgt???
  12. I remeber when the crafty started the "Roll of Honour" for soldiers completing their 22. Then it was stopped a couple of months later. The reason being some obscure cwap about data protection or some such, it will be in a back issue, then shortly afterwards in the Recent moves of senior ranks the word "discharged" started appearing as a posting. Now it is shown as "completion of 22 yr svc"

    So where does the data protection come into it? Fuct-if-i-no one minute they say we cannot tell you of people leaving after 22 then they do?

    Actually the truth is when the roll of honour first started the list went WO1,WO2,SSGT,SGT,CPL(?) eh whats this? we are admitting that the super clever and bright REME has 22 year fullscrews? Sh1t! do something quick or we will look like a bunch of tosspots in front of the rest of the Army! I know call it data protection and later on introduce it into the moves of senior ranks.

    That is my theory, can anyone else remeber the particular crafty mag where they said that telling folk about squaddies leaving after 22 yrs had to end?
  13. Tiffy massive - I wish I knew the answer to the "why does IIP stop at Sgt" but I could only hesitate at a good guess -
    1. Pension trap.
    b. He is a senior rank and therefore should not purge - ever! Quote, Officer - circa 1998, North German Plain shortly before being jibbed.
    and finally
    d. If he was going, he would have gone by now - therefore he is assimilated (do the last bit in a Dalek voice).

    And yes we should have some recognition from the corps after 22 yrs, but could they stand the back payments of retrospective applicants, ala suez medals?