Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Higgs_bosun, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. What it is?

    Why does it exist?

    Are there really any moral absolutes ?

    Can there be a moral authority?

    Do we need to understand it anyway?

    Morality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Questions that hardly ever crop up down the pub for some strange reason... as man made chaos covers the planet.
  2. Feck.

    1. Externally imposed or (rarely) internally constructed social control mechanism.
    2. To grant others control, to allow social cohesion and therefore social progression or stability.
    3. No
    4. Only in the context of those morals that apply to you in your situation/environment.
  3. Over there.jpg
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  4. A sense of right and wrong.



    Up to a point.

    Not really.
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  5. Well we agree on the last one at least ;)
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  6. Drivers_lag

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  7. The answer to all those questions is:

    Coventry City FC
  8. Morality, right and wrong, ethics; they're all matters of personal opinion. Schools of ethics/morality are nonsense, as they require adherents to conform to a 'taught' view of whatever code a school subscribes to.

    Take for example aspects of sexuality. Some societies will legislate for or against a specific area; regardless of any legalities, every individual will deem it right or wrong according to their own conscience.

    Again, regardless of the morality of parents, children will grow up and form their own.
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  9. Just light up a fag and chill for a while - you utter cock.
  10. Jolly good...

    So as suspected...Morality is not a matter of reading the right book, having the right laws or good v evil. Such invented notions have little impact over what nature has planted in us all. We are machines of survival and bow to our selfish genes, evolved only to procreate mindlessly. Morality has no purpose or explosion of chemicals does not know what to do, each atom must obey unconscious physical laws. That we have become aware of this process is amazing but the probable truth is that we cannot choose freely what is right or wrong.

    Even those that mock the thread are caught out by influences beyond their control...ants in the colony do what ants do best. They are programmed to cooperate and to defend the nest that they inhabit regardless of morality... As soldiers we do the same and feel no responsibility for our actions. Only when one pauses to think for a moment is it possible to realise what is going on...perhaps years after the event. Harming another human being can never be sanitised or justified under any circumstances. Morality should inform us of this... If you lack empathy never mind, it's not your fault.
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