Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by RoyalEngineers, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Training, which goes without saying, can be tedious at times (understatement).

    Now then, what i'd like to know is; personally, what would you consider to be the ultimate morale boost?
  2. Porn?

    A pat on the back? Extremely small word of encouragement? Money? Self-sastification in pride of one's own work?
  3. Hmm. What about a letter? :p
  4. A passing out parade when you know the worst is behind you .
  5. knowing that you've only one more day to go on that bloody exersise
  6. The feeling of control that you can only get from comprehensive knowledge, thorough preparation and the professional acknowledgement of your subordinates, your peers and your superiors (in that order).

    Oh yeah, and porn.
  7. Ok where are you lacking in said "criteria"? Is it something you can address like not eating so many pies. Or are you not suitable due to being 13yrs old, your quadraplegic etc?

    There seems to be a few kids on this site dishing out advice to all and sundry with a gay little 'im just a kid and have never served' get out clause in their sig block.

    If you want to add your tuppence worth of advice to people join up, or if not just feck off.
  8. Ok then... that's one way to ask mate. I previously had mild athsma "apparently" and my last prescription was less than 4 yrs ago. I think of myself as knowing the basics or what is discussed, if that annoys you, be open minded or carry on, either of which don't really concern me and i'm not in the position to advise you anyway, you can have your opinion. :)
  9. Much obliged to you, was it really asthma or did you stop and cry during the 1.5m run ;)
  10. end ex thats the best.

    when you go home and fcuk the wife. without a shower.
    and think of all your bell end cheese that go,s in her after 6 weeks in the woods. thats the way to do it .
  11. Morale.....has to be the section catering sized sack of Haribo.....Brightens up ANY shitty day.....

    Though that could be why my gut is getting bigger..that and the 2nd best morale booster...Beer....
  12. Hearing Wolfgangs bell when you've just finished your last beer
  13. Haribo. Fabloned porn. Watching REMFs get beasted.

  14. I'll bet youre a great hit with her mother.

    I suppose your cheese just adds to the fish cocktail shes had while you were away. I'll bet her slat looks like a pizza after you've placed the 'topping' on.

    Grotty little person.
  15. No! I never had an attack or complained. I'm pretty fit which is why I feel burdened by unpro doctors. NVM! :p