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  1. Is everyone else in the same boat? Are there people at your unit who get away with with allsorts of sh!t and keep getting promoted! The work gets done by the same people all the time etc etc. Things have gone on for so long the same (wrong)way that people just accept it as normal. Does anyone else feel that they are fighting against the flow? you try to do things right and get the jobs done, but others would rather get it done fast so it looks as if its done, just so they can knock off.

    When you go above you then you get told wind your neck in and get on with it.

    Sick of it!


    A bit of a rant, but there must be others experiencing this, please tell me there is!
  2. Sprog, I was just about to go on a rant about the types you talk about, but it got me thinkin, I left ages ago, and probably earn twice as much of them ******* that got commmisioned or on the LSL, still arsse lickin.
    I'm happy to be in a nice cushy number, with no one to bother me.

    Enjoy your time,work hard,it will happen one day.
  3. It just amazes me that it has gone on for so long. I believe I am in a good unit but there are so many clicks that it is becoming unbearable to work there. The JNCO's are at an all time low. People are being put in situations that they should not be facing. We try to work around the unit as is only right, but soon something is going to give.
  4. I feel for you mate, I got out for exactly them reasons, as no matter how well you perform and do on op tour or exercise it will always be the arrse kissing schmoosing w*nker who couldn't light a hexie burner never mind site a section who gets promoted.

    Chin up mate, a whistling tent pole in the dead of night is a glorious thing!!!!.
  5. Mate . its always the same in any walk of life
  6. Polar - whilst I agree slightly with what you're saying I disagree that we should just brush the comment away on those grounds. The Army wants to retain people. not lose them, and so we need to take on-board these points. Sprog, please PM me full details and we can see what we can do for you. :D
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    You're not the DGAMS are you?
  8. Haha - no....and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
  9. Sprog, were you passed over for promotion this year?
  10. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    As the old saying goes

    The squeaky gate gets the oil.
  11. Spog, the whole system is biased in favour of the yes men whose only true talent lies in brown nosing their superiors. Never underestimate the power of deceit and flattery. If you wish to get on, on no account be good at your job, on no account put the welfare of your soldiers first, on no account should you display honesty and integrity and on no account should you judge Officers and said brown nosers by normal human standards of decency and behaviour. They are only in it for their own personal advancement and have no interest in you, or the rest of the soldiers. A word of advice, judge not a soldier by how his superiors view him, but by how his men do.... Mind you, that won't get you promoted either...
  12. My sentiments exactly Herrenbloke.
  13. To the post that asked if I was passed over for promotion, no I have picked up, so its not sour grapes. The problem I have is that outside the corps, the only medics people ever notice are the bad ones. I am due to move soon and I hope that things will improve. Without giving too much away, the person I have had a run in with is also promoted this year and is due to take up a post where they will have even more power, and be looking after peoples lives I dread to think what the outcome could be. There must be a point in these peoples careers that they get found out what they really are.
  14. Spog, the individual you are talking about is clearly a bully. These people are drawn to the army as they can hide their dysfunctional personalities there. Not only that, but the system is designed to protect them. It's a strange contradiction that the biggest bullies are often drawn to the "Caring" professions, it allows them to feel better about themselves. Because birds of a feather stick together they tend to operate a bit of a mafia and will ruthlessly and deviously undermine those about them with real talent. They cannot progress on true merit so resort to manipulation of the system and backstabbing the competition. Because they are adept at lying, they often have the CO in their pocket. They also particularily fear anyone who has sussed them out for what they are and will go to great lengths to undermine that persons standing with the chain of command. The sad thing is, the amount of damage these tossers do to morale is imense but the system will ruin the career of anyone who complains or suffers at their hands. All we can do, is treat our troops as best we can, and make sure we do not encourage anyone to join the army until it puts its house in order.
  15. Hang on, I thought you were complaining that it was only the arrse-licking w*nkers who got promoted?

    To some extent I agree with polar that it's the same everywhere. But - and I look to those who've left us for the Real World to confirm or deny - it seems to me that in our world, the environment favours the waster less than it does elsewhere, thanks to the nature of our work. Sure, if all things are equal the one who puts himself forward and gets noticed will be favoured by the system. Call it arrse-licking, or politics, or just good strategy.

    The guys who decide on promotions are the same people who have to work with these guys in operational theatres. In whose interest is it to promote the rubbish at the exclusion of the quality? I can't deny having met both SNCOs and offrs who've failed to come within spitting distance of my personal quality line (sometimes I fall short of it myself), but the vast majority of both that I've met are at least up to doing their job well, and most are capable at their work and with more besides.