Morale up, feel good thread...

I usually end up on here whinging about how rubbish things are. Suprisingly things have got better. So here I am sharing the joy... :D

My Sub_unit has turned it around....

Just come back from an excellent weekend....

4 New trained soldiers from the 5 week challenge.
More recruits in the system already..
Soldiers are getting on courses..
New PSI..
New Subbie..
New Trg programe for Tuesday nights, has got the lads turning up.
More than 3 soldiers on parade...

morale is high....

I can't remember the last time I came off a weekend feeling this good...

So what's good in your Unit?
most of the permanent staff are on leave or adv drinking is whats good at my place
gettin ready for an awesome annual camp
PrayingMantis said:
gettin ready for an awesome annual camp
Aren't Annual Camp and "Awesome" mutually exclusive terms?

Morale at my place is at an all time low. We're in danger of haemorrhaging the blokes who are trade trained and there are only a few that seem aware or bothered about it. The great irony is that there is very little any of us can do about it. The new (ish) PSI is even worse than the last and doesn't appear to like being told so.

On the plus side, there is a glimer of hope in the form of 2 blokes posted in which could turn things around, or could just be pissing in the wind.

A definate plus point is the influx of new bods. Hopefully there'll be an LAD left for them to join. The trogs seem to be in a similar position to us too, but that's a whole different winging post :D .

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