Morale is damaged, head of Army is told

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Nov 17, 2008.

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  1. Morale is damaged, head of Army is told

    The morale of soldiers and officers is being damaged by poor pay, undermanning and squalid accommodation, according to report drawn up for the head of the British Army.

    By Sean Rayment, Defence Correspondent
    Last Updated: 9:11AM GMT 16 Nov 2008

    Gen Sir Richard Dannatt is 'hugely irritated' over standard of accommodation Photo: PA
    General Sir Richard Dannatt has been told that thousands of soldiers are falling into poverty while many more are struggling to provide a basic standing of living for their families.
    The report also reveals that many soldiers were found not to be eating properly "because they had run out of money by the end of the month".
    More than 1,000 single-income soldiers with families now receive tax credits, but the report tells Gen Dannatt that "many junior soldiers feel that they are being forced to leave because they cannot afford to raise a family on current pay".
    Entitled the Chief of the General Staff's Briefing Team Report, the document adds that soldiers are suffering from "complaint fatigue", a "frenetic" pace of life and increasing amounts of "nugatory" bureaucracy when they should be training for war.
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  2. This report has taken how long to reach him?
  3. Am I being fick? What does nugatory mean, please?
  4. Worthless.
  5. "Nugatory bureaucracy" everyone's fave new oxymoron.
  6. That is the problem of being so far detached from the soldiers and working in an organsiation that doesn't wear uniform as a rule (except so I am told on Weds in CDS Office - which seems strange). The sense of distance and increased non undersatnding of basic issues is bound to increas in this kind of over tiered hierarchy.
  7. * Thousands of single-income soldiers in the UK are now close to the government's definition of poverty

    * Poor pay is the number one area of dissatisfaction in the Army

    * Many soldiers were not paid for six months

    * Army is suffering from complaint fatigue

    Oh well, never mind. No votes in defence remember.

    How long till the CVF get cancelled to pay for new housing?
  8. Are you saying bureaucracy is actually not worthless?
  9. TBH we could reduce this by not going through three marriages before hitting 25 years of age and impregnating each of the wives twice. Of course you're close to poverty when you're knocking out all your wages on child support.

    I've fooked that up completely. At least I know what I meant. The fact that the rest of you don't understand is not because I'm a mong at all.

    Honest. :(
  10. Outstanding I think you must be the only person in the Army who believes the current CGS is out of touch. He was responding to the points raised in the report. Of course he knows about the state of accommodation. The CGS Briefing Team Report has given him the opportunity to bang the drum again, and he has taken it.

    Was there anything in the report which commented on the adverse effect on morale of serving personnel wearing suits in MB?

    Which would you prefer: that CGS focuses his attention on the issues raised in the report, or sticks it in the pending tray and turns his attention instead to the wearing of uniform in MB?
  11. If you have an ArmyNet account, you will have had access to the same report for a fair few months.
  12. Careful, otherwise he might start on about PAYD.
  13. Well I'm blessed! Who would have believed it?

    Now, someone has gone and told CGS.

    Most soldiers I know suffered a 'morale loss' when the 'grinning spiv' Bliar started to refer to them as 'my Armed Forces'.

    As for the current unelected oaf, pretending to be important, his day will come. Painfully I hope!
  14. Will you give it a fucking rest you boring bastard!

    What the fuck has the fact that uniform is not worn in MB got to do with this? Get off your fucking crusade and maybe folk will begin to take you seriously.

    General Dannatt is probably more in touch with grass roots soldiers than any CGS in recent memory. He knows morale is down - I'm sure he's mentioned it on more than a few occasions. Now he has an official report to thrust in the face of those political twats who only believe things that are shoved up their rectum in easy to read format.