Discussion in 'RLC' started by SeahorseSpanner, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. First of all, I am not in the RLC. I think you can probably guess what I do by my name!

    I read this forum regularly and I am honestly struck by how low the morale appears to be within the RLC. I have waited a while before posting this tread in anticipation of morale (perceived....!!) picking up. Just about every thread is full of comments made by some pretty pi$%ed off soldiers (and officers?) Is it me or is morale really as low as I perceive it to be? No, I am not a mole living in HQ DRLC!

  2. A happy soldier is a whining soldier. If the whining stops, then something serious has gone wrong.
    Personally, I don't think morale in the RLC is any worse or better than any other arm. The recruiting figures show that the RLC is still attracting its fair share of folk.
  3. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    IMHO morale seems to be as good as any other arm.
  4. Then it must be crushed immediately! I suspect the storeman who let it out on general issue has been booted out!
  5. Well, at first glance, the RLC would seem to be full of gargantuan whingers (we do have the AT trade after all!) but there again we are one of the larger blobs of green in the ORBAT and, characteristically, Thomas Atkins Esq is not given to opening up and telling the world that he is a happy wee soul in a super, flower be-decked corner of paradise that is populated with fluffy bunnies. Nah. Thomas tends to spark up when he's hacked off. Theres a small number of RLC posters here (Oh, okay, most of the AT role in one form or another)and I'd suggest that if there were a huge ripple of dissatisfaction disturbing the fetid pond of loggiedom, there would be far more whines clogging the band width.
    Notwithstanding that "its not too bad really" sort of statement, I've picked up on several raised eyebrows about the type and quality of posts that the RLC site hosts. Some of the raised eyebrows have been from grown ups who profess the "know of the existence of Arrse" and some of the more pointed comments have come from the old and the bold who see their "legacy" being trashed by the callow youths who have followed in their footsteps, but the majority of the raised eyebrows have come from other, serving, cap badges who seem bemused that we seem so hell-bent on public ritual abuse prior to ritual disembowelment.
    Maybe its because the frequency of op tours is beyond a joke (Some getting that prized fourth Pet Op tour in the GIFA or others the responsibility of being the clothing storemen in BLMF for the third time or still others who have ten ribbons, four gongs, a divorce and a posting to Mill Hill to contend with who come across a grown up with no recent op experience.)
    There is also a surprising degree of antipathy towards what I deliberately elect to call "the management" - not the often faceless drones in DRLC (oops, there went the last dregs of a career, but I'm only quoting an oft-expressed opinion) - but the "management" at unit level. I have to confess (Senior moment coming on) that within units I've served with, we often had "managers" who were less than wonderful and who we would verbally (and sometimes physically) gut - but amongst ourselves, so sparing the rest of the world the sordid truth. Its a bit like the old REMF comment: if the guys at the front knew what we were doing, they'd give up immediately".
    I guess I just have a small degree of old fart-dom in me that finds it a little sad that we elect to abase ourselves in front of the harsghest jury in the world - our peers.
    Oh, finally Ginger Magician, just to - hopefully - reinforce your contention, how do the retention figures hold up in comparison with recruitment?
  6. Of that i'm not too sure - I just have access to the "cradle" stats first hand. I can check "grave" and update in due course however.

    Edited to add the following stats. Some of this is heartening, some of it not so. (statistics as at Nov 05, published Dec 05- the most recent I can find)

    Headline figures:

    RLC Soldier outflow (12 months from 1 Dec 04 to 30 Nov 05) 4,5%
    RLC Officer Outflow (12 months from 1 Dec 04 to 30 Nov 05) 3.5%

    Undermanning - RLC Soldier -0.3% RLC Officer -3.2% where's the undermanning most significant? Soldier - LCpl rank (-387), Offr is at Capt rank (-65)

    Historical Outflow Trends (by financial year)

    Offrs - trend is that Pvr rates are reasonably steady.
    year - Rate
    00/01 - 4.0%
    01/02 - 3.6%
    02/03 - 3.4%
    03/04 - 3.8%
    04/05 - 4.4%
    12 mths Dec to Dec - 3.5%

    Soldiers - trend is that pvr rates are lessening.
    Rate -
    6.8% 00/01
    5.5% 01/02
    5.6% 02/03
    5.0% 03/04
    4.6% 04/05
    4.5% 12 mths dec to dec

    Overall officer manning is poor at Capt rank and they're not staying in. Other undermanned Corps include RE, Cav, and a few PQO areas. Infanry are 14.7% overmanned.
    Overall soldier manning is better but with a big gap at LCpl rank.

    My desk is covered in paperwork and I have quickly gleaned these stats from a report with which I'm unfamiliar - any errors you spot are entirely my own.
  7. Grateful.
  8. Morale is high......."Cry HAVE IT and let loose the dogs of war!"
  9. Seahorse - Its interesting that I too mas thinking the same thing the other day. I am in the RLC and post on this forum and I have to admit to being guilty of 'doing down' the Corps on occasion. I suppose you only post things on here that pi$$ you off. MAybe thats wrong but its true. The question is why does the RLC forum appear to worse than others to someone quite neutral like Seahorse???
  10. Hate to state the obvious (Wah, again?) but have a quick scan on other fora and you'll see it all too clearly. We whinge even more than the Nut Stranglers and the Bleeps and that must be a good combat indicator.
  11. Fair one Rickshaw - Mind you I notice the beeps arn't far behind us.
  12. As long as they remain behind us - in everything things are cool!
  13. Not too sure I want a Bleep behind me............
  14. The lies damn lies, er, stats have been added to my second post
  15. Bleeps are good at changing tyres!
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