Morale in the RLC Pt2

As the original thread is locked i'd thought i'd open a new one to get some feedback.

No biting just banter. :lol: 8) 8O :D
Ditto - Life is great, even better now we're all on DII MSN as well :)
Cheers guys, lets keep it sensible this time.

Thank you.
No probs GM. You forgot to mention how good your moral in the RLC is today? :)
Morale.... Today is of the highest possible standard, I love life, I love me, I love you... Love is just basically all around!
Feel It, Feel It
Marky you're bored again, aren't you?
Ventress said:
General Melchett said:
Cheers guys, lets keep it sensible this time.

Thank you.
DOG LALS and sensible in the same sentance... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
You and Dog_lals know each other in real life lol. You worked together in 33.
Morale today in my department is again of the highest possible standard! Once again Im feeling love for all fellow RLC'ers!! Love me Like I love Love you all.
To prevent the thread slipping to the depths of vomitting by the NAAFI bins whilst trying to focus on the plus size lady you have fallen in love with, give your morale a rating on a scale of 0 - 10.

0 - Low

10 - High

Add any additional comment but keep it minimal.

Thank you.
Marky, you need to get posted here, so I can retire and you can see what morale on the minus scale feels like! Sorry fellow loggies -3 on the sh*t scale today.
If people stop ringing me with bone questions, I may get back to a 10 today....Flatliners in my unit...leave me alone and answer the things you should know yourself :)

Morale at moment...5-6 ish
Actually baggy after our little conflab today morale did rise somewhat, plus as we chatted I was getting ready to go home and see Mrs mirkin and the little mirkins....and I got my place on the bus confirmed for the Army/Navy. Just about made today bearable. Still a sh*t unit though.
Week Two of my course morlae is highish
another course on Tiger Points accounting ;-)
Yep absolutely also how to clean windows and recognise No trade wannabe Bleeps
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