Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chimera, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Two jobs speaks:

    Edit Note: The content of the BBC link has been changed since the original post. Gordon Brown has now joined in!)

    So everything is OK then. Must go and take another morale pill......
  2. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I did like the statement:

    Mr Browne said he had not heard those criticisms from serving soldiers and he was happy to be judged on his record.

    Any like to pass on thier critisisms to Mr. Browne? You may want to write them down in big letters and small words as he's missed the lot.

  3. The thing is, while he has two fingers in his ears going "lalalalalalalal can't hear you!" he probably won't be able to open letters either.
    I wonder which army he was referring to?
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Perhaps he should walk out of his office, go down ONE flight of stairs, and talk to the military people of the Commitments staff about about the effect of "...the most sustained period of real term Defence spending".

    He knows that statement is just political spin. The amount grows simply because the UK's GDP grows year on year. Defence was shafted in the last Government CSR, and he knows it. As a proportion of overall Government expenditure (the figure he should be quoting) Defence spending is falling.
  5. its amazing how many ivory tower/ puzzle palace inhabiters know exactly how good/ bad /indifferent moral is amongst the forces.
  6. At least he made it clear in the article that it was the Scotland office he was less bothered about, because 'devolved government' means he doesn't have anything to do.

    Bet that will please the porridge wogs.

    So, he does nothing as Scotland secretary and does nothing but sit with his fingers in his ears going LA LA LA as Defence Secretary.

    Great bloke.
  7. didnt two jags have a similar job description .....dont do anything and try not to punch anyone else
  8. I cannot communicate in a concise manner how I feel about this Government and the terrible lies and spin they keep peddling.

    It's funny though that Labour are now crying about the personal attacks on the Prime Minister - they use this tool everytime they wish to discredit people.
  9. i did like his comments about the following..

    "Tell me what it is that a secretary of state for defence should be doing, that I am not doing... This is not an issue that has ever been raised with me by any serving soldier when I have been in an operational theatre."
    Im sure Pte/LCpl Bloggs, is going to walk over to Des and say "your crap at what you do and im not getting enough bullets/MASTIFF/OSPREY etc etc"


    "I'm not that long back from Iraq ... I found the morale of our troops in the operating base in Basra is as high as it could be."
    As good as it could be due to the lack of decent aircraft to take me on R&R, enough bullets/MASTIFF/OSPREY, but if this was all sorted morale would be higher!!
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Did he say "Morale is as high as it could be!", or did he say "Morale is as high is it COULD BE UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES; these being sever overstretch, huge recruiting problems, abysmal funding, lack of resources, planes and helicopters falling out of the sky (or not even gettin goff the ground), the yanks bailing us out in many firefights, comprehensive lack of the proper armoured vehciles and not being able to hold any taken ground for more than 5 seconds before having to leave it to the Talibs!"

    Maybe the reporter mis-heard him?
  11. Irrelevant what he thinks he heard. Joe Squaddie is not gonna risk the RSM and CO's wrath by actually telling the truth to a politician.

  12. Telic 8 summer 2006, a representative sample group of us were selected by our Company to meet and greet the armed forces select committee who were on a fact finding mission. fair play to our bosses for they left us to it and we had had direct access to the MP's. My initial reaction was suspicion an automatic instinctive reaction to politicians and journo's :roll: However i met with two of them (one the MP for Portsmouth if i remember rightly) and was encouraged to give my views on our situation. i stated what i believe we needed what was lacking and what was faulty. They listened and agreed that they had been given the exact same list of issues by just about every soldier they had talked to.

    They had asked to meet the lads without any Senior ranks being present so as to get a clearer picture. I presume they reported back to the PM their findings but as to how much he listened God only knows.. :roll:
  13. Obviously 'Brown the Clown' has just teleported in from planet ZigZog and he has no real idea of what is going on. All he would have to do is make sure 'The Covenant' is fixed properly. He should make sure all service personnel (very PC) are properly looked after where ever they are.
  14. If Liarbore said it, it must be true!!!!

    I'm sure Pte/Tpr/Sig/Spr/Gdsm/Rfn etc would quite willingly drop himself in the deep, deep doggy doo do in front of all his own top brass by telling the PM or Def Sec that he thought that it was all a great ol' load of bollox and he is pissed off with cleaning sand out of his foreskin and would just like to go home to a decent block and a good piss up and scrap on a weekend! But hey, call me a cynic, no sane bloke in his right mind would risk spending the rest of his 22 (or 24 on VE, wey hey) on ROP's!

    We all know that this government and quite a lot of other MP's hold the Armed Forces with nothing but contempt! Like has been previously mentioned, Brown, Browne and the rest of their cronies like to just put their fingers in their ears and pretend that it isnt true! They refuse to listen! 5 former CofDS must have a bit of sway in the corridors of whitehall, they normally dont speak out like this and even more so after the current CofDS has spoken out again the appaling conditions that the Armed forces are living and operating in!

    Its a sad, sorry state of affairs and i think its about time to call what was going to be a career, a day!!
  15. Should have asked to speak to the senior ranks to have fully enjoyed the experience of a p*ssed off Tom.