Morale At 3 AAC

3 Regt AAC seems to have a lot of depressed and angry people for the last month or so can anyone explain why?
I imagine all those sports afternoons and adventure training couses we have been promised by the CO, that no-one is getting might have something to do with it!

Comments please.....
Well, it might have someting to do with none of the lads wanting to have anything to do with AH, no money STILL for any ground role equipment, lots of aircrew getting f**ked off for AH training. RHQ living in there ivory tower again (remember 3 months on ops...?????) and the Grand Fromage forgeting which regiment he commands when saying goodby to the old RSM at the regimental photo. ******. would you die for this man? no, we wouldnt either.
is that the same fromage who completley forgot that he's got groundies in his regt when he did THAT speech in the gulf? and the same 33 c/s who's goin 2 m/w? :(
things aint much better in 4 at the mo too. seems that there is a lot of uncertainty going around......... new trade implementation, AH coming we promise, Bowman around the corner, overstretched, undervalued & underpaid groundies who don't know if they want to be part of the future AAC. Of course things will probably get worse before they get better. Ever thought we are trying to do too much too quick? Not only can we not see light at the end of the tunnel we can't see the effin tunnel. it has got to get better soon!

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Just to cheer you all up, did you know that Charlie Oscar has issued an edict that we can't use this site anymore!

Heads of Sheds - Thu morning :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :?
If it is true that the CO has decreed that noone is to use this site then the CO is truly a w*n*er.

He must know that the site is anonymous and that the whole point of this site is that serving squaddies can vent or express their opinions without interference from superiors.

To the CO if you are reading this......You legally cant stop anyone from using this site to express opinion!!!!!
LOL ! Who is the CO ? He was probably a spotty faced 2Lt when I was serving ! What a silly, and stupid order. A red rag to the bull ! Is he really worried about what will be said Has he something to hide? Or is he a typical high ranking officer who hasn't a clue about what is going on with the OR's or his Regt ? Chuckle ! Or, dare I say it, are the OR's moaning about nothing? MMmmmm. The CO needs to go around camp with a big stick, beating everyone he meets, from the nigs to the RSM. Worked a few centuries ago. Beat them Sir. Beat them till they beg forgiveness for moaning so much !! Have more PT (everyday). Do ATD's every week. AC recognition every day, foot and weapon drill every morning. Post anyone who moans to 1 Regt. Get everyone back in to the swing of being a 'soldier'............. :twisted:
Totally agree.

In fact, if the CO is reading this, I would recommend the following in order to improve morale.

Double the size of the guard, it's a big camp and it needs it

ICFT's every other day

3 hours of aircraft and AFV recognition each day, including every aircraft built since the Sopwith Camel and every AFV since the Mk 1.

The HAS’s look a bit dull. I suggest painting them from top to bottom, inside and out, in Corps colours. For best results, use a 2mm artists brush.

Compulsory weekend pan practice, involving dragging a/c onto and off of the pan, continuously for 12 hours a day.

Remedial PT for everyone, whether they need it or not. The CO should watch this PT from a comfy armchair placed in the middle of the grass outside RHQ, one bod should be pulled off remedial once an hour to replenish G&T's.

Morale will be increased 10 fold :D
Maybe surprise show parades and changing parades on a Friday afternoon at 4PM just before knock off.

Somebody PM me his number I'll have a chat :D
ORG and MDN have some excellent points. CO 3 and 4 Regt if you’re reading this. You NEED to get a grip of your Regts. Discipline is obviously a problem, if your ranks are posting derogative stuff here. I know some of the above is too much to start up, but some of the ideas are excellent at bonding and bringing together the Regt as a team. So, to summarise:

ICFT's - either once a fortnight, or once a month
Friday afternoon early knock off - Suspend or stop completely. Why treat soldiers differently when the western world works till 4 or 5 ?
AC Recognition - Every day
Show Parades - Discipline is a problem, as witnessed on here. Start show parades at 10pm each night for those who think they are 'above' the law. Worked for me !
Foot Drill - The single most military sunject that installs discipline and team work.
Bull Nights - Every Thursday night, inspection Friday. Those that fail, re-inspect Sunday morning.
PT - Every day.

You both secretly know that this is what is required. You know it will cause moral problems, but that will eventually subside once the lads and lasses are working hard. Boredom breeds contempt. Get a grip of your RSM and SSMs. It’s their fault there is a moral and boredom problem.
A favourite moral booster in training was a Barrack dress or a twos parade on a friday night or early saturday morning, the entire troop being found poorly turned out, then being sent over the assault course in same attire, with instructions for a re-inspection on Monday morning.

On a serious note, I cant see why morale might be low.

1. On the bus off the bus is much fun and keeps all at home on thier toes, and thier is nothing better than saying your disturbing goodbyes three or four times.

2. The hierarchy are superb...............with not a nob amongst them :D

3. Nothing better than Wattisham camp, its in the centre of the universe and all the amenities are withing five minutes

4. And just as the best moral booster, isn't one of the 21A callsigns still there, under the guise of aquafresh or the gayblade...hang around that diamond of wisdom and the sun will shine on you for weeks :mrgreen:
Would be interested to see what the Badge Man is like at 3 now, especially if it is who I have heard it is, a certain ging bloke who is nicknamed after the dog in Hart to Hart.

Was a top bloke (won't go into too much embarrasing detail) when I knew him as a lance jack / full screw at 3 during the Soest years, I wonder if power has corrupted? Comments on a postcard.

Along with Gunny's request, someone PM the name of the new CO, lets see if I knew him when he was a jumped up no clue lewy.

On a more serious note, I also think that NBC Chamber training on a Saturday morning, around 0730, whilst wearing barrack dress underneath full IPE would be an excellent way to boost morale.

Trailer races were always good fun as well, I remember barfing blood up after my last one around Salamance Airfield, they did let me fly a floppy after though, which I then promptly aimed at the only tall tree within 5 miles and had to be rescued at the last moment by the QHI. Yep, trailer races whilst wearing C95, boots, weapons, helmets and 58 pattern (must still be some nice new, hard stuff knocking about) webbing would be an excellent idea.
And you wonder why you never got flying pay, ORG?

If the badge man is who you think he is, let me assure you he would never change!!
You three are not taking this seriously. These two Regiments have problems. It wasn't like that just a few years back. I URGE the CO's to take control of their Regt, and introduce (what might seem harsh), measures to ensure EVERYONE is occupied enough not to be bored. Some of the ideas here work for the infantry, and they can work for the AAC.

Remember, boredom breed’s contempt.

First one to start:

Inter Regt ICFT or CFT Monthly Challenge – Sqns or sections start at 10-minute intervals. Point’s deducted/awarded for people dropping out, coming first, etc. Have a BIG trophy to award.


Wattisham CFT Challenge - 3 and 4 Regt compete against each other for the fastest time. Have a BIG trophy to award.

Teams/sections/Regts being brought together, working !
Yep, lots of interregimental competitions.

March and shoot, Cross country running, orienteering.

Obviously fitness levels need to be improved to cater for such events, so get the gym queen ponces grafting and get tehm to throw a programme together.

Busy lots of work I hear you worries, do it before work or after work.... trim 30 minutes of the lunch break and forego Naafi break.

As a treat and as a bonus why not have an inter squadron Tug of war, held on a saturday morning and sunday morning, with eight squadrons, it should be a hell of a show.

Round of the years extra curricular activity with church parades and freedom marches all over the area... Adjt get to work on finding small towns of no significance for the troops to march through in brown itchy marchy suits ands boots crunchy
PLOD, it seems so however, train hard fight easy etc etc, you can never excercise enough.

How about bringing back active edge. Nothing better than that being called at 2 am on a saturday night :D

That was always a morale boost.

Or how about a Track bashing competition.... get all your afvs and CPs to throw a track in the deepest coldest puddle ..the fastest one done wins a porcelin dump, the rest dig a hole and crack on in NBC black :D
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