Moral Tales


A teacher said to the class of 10 year-olds that on Monday they were going to be learning all about stories which had a moral. She asked them to ask their parents if they knew of any stories which had a moral that they could all hear after the weekend.

On Monday the teacher asked if anyone had any stories. One girl put up her hand, and when asked told her tale:
“My Dad told me that when he was very little, his parents used to keep chickens and take the eggs to market to sell, well one day they were really pleased as they had lots more eggs that normal and were looking forward to lots of money. They put all the eggs in the biggest basket they owned and set off. Half way to the market Grandma, who was carrying the basket, tripped over, dropped the basket and nearly all the eggs were broken, so they only had a few left to sell and came home with hardly any money.” The teacher asked the girl if her Dad had said what the moral of the story was, to which she replied “Yes, he said don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” “That’s very good said the teacher, does anyone else have a story?”
Another girl put her hand up, and at the teachers prompt told her story. “My Mum told me that when she was little her parents lived on a farm where they reared chickens, and one day they had lots and lots of eggs to put in the incubator and were really looking forward to having lots and lots of chicks to rear and then sell, but, weeks later only a couple of them hatched, so they only had a few to rear and sell, so they were very disappointed.” “Did your Mum tell you the moral of this story?” The teacher enquired. “Yes” the girl replied. “Mum said you shouldn’t count your chickens until they’re hatched.”
“Very good said the teacher, any more”. A little boy put his hand up then, and the teacher asked him to tell his tale.
“Well,” said the boy, “My Dad told me about his Auntie Jane in America, when she was younger she was in the USAF in B52 bombers. One day while they were flying over Vietnam, the plane broke down and the crew had to bale out. Auntie Jane grabbed what she could and jumped out, hanging from her parachute she realised that she had three bottles of Brandy in her pockets and that they might break when she hit the ground, so to be on the safe side, she drank the contents and threw the bottles away as far as she could. When she did hit the ground she discovered that she was surrounded by 100 Vietcong soldiers. She grabbed her M16 and managed to kill 70 of them before she ran out of ammo, but she managed to kill another 20 with her combat knife before the blade broke, then she killed the last 10 with her bare hands.” “What a gruesome tale” said the teacher “Did your Dad tell you the moral of this story?” “Yes,” said the lad “Don’t fcuk with Auntie Jane when she’s pissed.”
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