Moral Dilemna

Discussion in 'Officers' started by spotrep, May 2, 2006.

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  1. I'd push fatty everytime!
  2. Here is another one for you;Late one night 4 Chavs burst in to your house,beat you and your wife unconsious and steal your car keys,you come round and rush outside just in time to see them roar off in your car 100 yards down the road they hit a tree and roll into a ditch,when you get to the scene all 4 are trapped and petrol is all over the place in your pocket you have a box of matches and there is nobody else around what would you do?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    That's hardly a dilemma is it?

  4. You could run back and ring for an ambulance
  5. msr

    msr LE

    And your point is?

    It's about time those who commit criminal acts start to forfeit their 'human rights'.

  6. My point was is to see how people would react,I don't think I would use the matches,the first moral dilemna didn't seem like much off a choice ie; in the violin one it is completely different being stuck in a bed for 9 months or pregnant;In the man stuck in the cave,chances are using the dyanmite will kill every one any way!
  7. If Jack is stuck and his head is outside the cave, surely he won't see you as you ram the dynamite up his arrse, light the fuse and run away?

    Philosophers? Pah!

  8. I don't think I would use the matches either.

    I would use my mobile to phone my lawyer in case the chavs said there was a fault with the car, and I was criminally negligent allowing it to be stolen in an unfit state.
  9. Nice one Priam,well thought out
  10. Look here, if I haven't got a box of matches, what are the odds some paramedic is likely to have one?

    That is such a lovely scenario...but I'm sorry to be obtuse. I've read through it several times but I cannot spot the moral dilemma...

    Amusingly several years ago, some chav tried to steal my MG Maestro from outside the house. Unfortunately for them the steering lock was on and they careered straight into the next lamp-post along the road. Unfortunately the car was seriously damaged but luckily the would be thief was very badly hurt so we all saw the funny side. My favourite bit was when a certain very very large police officer from Central Div. of the Lancon pulled matey out of the car despite some suggestions that he might increase the damage to chummy's spine. Through the drivers window...

  11. Do you help them or torch them?
  12. Ever the pragmatist, I always opt for the solution that renders the biggest benefit to the majority, ergo, lardy gets a gentle nudge, and big Jack can stop blubbing, and take the dynamite enema like a man.
    As for the chavs, would I light them up or call for help? Actually, neither, immolations too good for them, I'd turn of the ignition and sit and watch them fade away. Although, if it was a chilly night I might nip home for a fleece, flask of tea and packet of Hob-Nobs.
  13. Rhodesian, you posted this at 2142 if you don't make your mind up soon all the petrol will have evaporated :D

    IMHO Cuddles would torch them without thinking about it, hence no moral dilemma.