Moral dilemma

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Oct 25, 2008.

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  1. Ok, heres the sketch. I was sat in the carpark outside Currys this afternoon minding my own business when I saw a chap running out of the store with a couple of arm fulls of Laptops. My initial thoughts were 'Mmm, he seems to be in a hurry. Maybe he is trying to catch a bus?'. A second or two later, it dawned on me that he may be up to no good as he was hotly pursued by a couple of Currys staff. Here is the moral dilemma;

    1. Should I have given chase?
    2. Should I have run him over (my engine was running at the time)?
    3. Should I have called the police straight away?
    4. Should I have sat there giggling like a school girl thinking 'good on yer mate'?

    Give him his dues, he legged it like Linford Christy up the road (for about a mile as far as I could see).
  2. Why didn't you get a couple of laptops for yourself while the shop staff were busy?
  3. Run him over, take the laptops, slam them on eBay and donate the proceeds to H4H......simple as that!
  4. Running the pikey chav fcuk over would have been my preferred option*. That said, I might have had to tell plod that 'my foot slipped' or something........

    ..............are you allowed to fleece the freshly knocked down pikey for paintwork damage?

    *not because its the moral or upstanding thing to do - but simply to see the look on the pikeys face as you plough into him, then jump out screaming - 'surprise c0ckbag'
  5. Damn. Bloody good idea.

    Blue/GreenJob, I was sorely tempted to 'give chase' in the luxury of my 4x4 and I suppose I could have followed him once the store staff got tired. And then either just run him over or put him on the 'Flasheart payroll'. Ideal with chrimbo coming up and all that.

    Dog soldier, he wasn't really that pikey or chav looking to be honest.
  6. On reflection, my first thoughts after the event weren't 'I should have phoned the police/given chase/helped', it was 'I wish I was able to get my phone out quickly so I could have filmed it'.
  7. Since you sat there for long enough to watch him run a mile it's pretty obvious that 3 or 4 were your only choices because, if you left your designated spot, some female, (or possibly male), was going to be p1ssy that you weren't there waiting for them when they turned up...

    Proving again that you're a puss... :D
  8. Naa, Lady Flash was sat next to me. We'd just left the shop and got in the motor and I was going through my pre flight checks. As it happens, her first words were 'twat, I hope he drops one. I could do with a new laptop'. Her morals are lower than mine (as 45 Cdo can verify).
  10. Flash, old chap... It's a fucking car... No Battery Master, no T's & P's, no Nr... Turn the key, put in gear, release brakes and poke off... You have to be a really boring twat to be a passenger with if a chap can run a mile while you do "pre-flight" on a fucking Skoda!!!!
  11. No. But I bet he could quote properly. :roll:
  12. Morals? You fcuking hermer.
  13. It is notoriously difficult to run down a fleeing victim, unless you suddenly veer from a stream of passing (and therefore presumably innocent (to victim)) traffic, and catch them unawares. Drive over and past the victim to help remove limbs etc from vehicle underworks, and be prepared to hit reverse if they're still twitching. I doubt the laptops would have survived intact, especially as you drive a 4x4.
  14. Like this one?.
  15. I would have had an easy shot with the motor. He had to negotiate a roundabout to flee. Once he'd passed that, it was a straight run. On returning home, I even went through the scenario in my head. Piece of piss taking him out without damaging the laptops. (As I said, they were boxed up so should have at least survived a drop). I have a Class 4 laser mounted on my dash and would like to have brought that into play. I'm a bit disappointed to be honest as I've not really used the lasers full potential since fitting it.