Moral Dilemma

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by chrisg46, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Give his number out? After all he might get some goodbye sex out of it...

  2. keep his number secret? Us blokes gotta stick together...

  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    A colleague of my Mrs has found out that i used to work with an ex of hers. Apparently they split up when he cheated on her and was not very nice about it. Anyway, i have now been asked if I have a contact telephone number for this guy.

    Now this guy (lets call him Bob) is an ok bloke, although i have not really heard or seen from him since he left, but got on with him ok.

    The girl (Julie) wants to get in touch with him to still be friends. She is a member of the same gym as me and the Mrs, and looks outstanding in a bikini in the jacuzzi. :p

    I have provided an email/web contact thing, but she wants a phone number, and so far does not know i actually do have Bobs number...

    My dilemma is this.
    Do i give the number without Bobs permission? I have been told that he is not going to get some mad bird screaming at him down the phone, and my anonymity is assured. After all, she just wants to be friends...However knowing the guy and how he split from this young lass, he might not appreciate her getting his number... On the other hand, she might want to show him what he is missing ( i point you to the earlier comment about the bikini).

    The poll is only going to run for a day, and i finish work in about an hour so will be deciding shortly...
  2. PERSEC mate - get in touch with Bob and give him her number? He then decides if he wants to make contact.
  3. Why don't you ring him and ask him if he's happy for her to get back in contact with him. Afterall, there are two sides to every story and she may be holding back on some details...
  4. As RAMC_Medic says, Tell her that you'll give him HER number and if he wants to get his bunny boiled he'll be in touch.
  5. The calm facade she's presenting to you and Mrs. Chris is probably hiding a seething ball of hate - don't do it! Let him know she's up for getting back in contact and he can decide if he wants to hook up, that way you don't land yourself in the dock as an accessory to GBH or murder! 8O
  6. No, no and thrice no. Do not give her the number. Get hers and give it to him. If he wants to contact her then he will.


    If you find that she was a slapper and deserved to be binned you can then publish her number (on your mate's behalf) in every phone booth in the area.
  7. Or post it on here!
  8. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    According to her, he was the slapper, but then i guess she would say that...but if she's the slapper, then that jacuzzi could get a lot more interesting.... :hump: :twisted:
  9. See what acts she is willing to perform to get the number - in the jacuzzi or elsewhere. Then obviously ask your mate if he wants to get in touch with her or not!!
  10. Feck NOOOO!!...She's a stalker!!

    She could turn out to be the bunny boiler from hell (with a decent body in a bikini). Trust your instincts.

    See if she is up for a 3sum in the jacuzzi first!!

  11. I'm with the_matelot, its the best idea to ask him first.
  12. feck me!!..put yourself in 'bob's' want every minger that you've biffed to have YOUR number???.....mate, you know what to do..DON'T GIVE ANY BIRD THE NUMBER OF YOUR MATE WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION
  13. Get a picie of the bint in the jacuzzi on your phone, send it to him and ask if he wants to get in touch with that body! If he doesn't, get in touch with that body yourself!
  14. Not in front of your wife of course.
  15. for fucks sake, have you not heard of "Flirt Divert"? 07770 756408