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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by johnnyonthespot, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. Hi all....Just wondered if I could get some idea what am supposed to do. Am thinking about joining the TA in my home area of birmingham and have several units to choose from but am worried re the medical. Basically I had my first and only episode of depression last year, ie working shite hours in stressful job, best friend killed in road accident, split up with long term girlfriend, moved house changed job and and some other stuff i wont bore you with.
    After all that I was mentally and physically exhausted . Had some meds for a few months, spoke to a counsellor and got everything off my chest and sorted and am back to my old self.
    I rang up some of the west mids area TA centres anonymously and told them that I'd had depression briefly but was fine now and would this stop me joining? The response I got was if you're ok then dont worry and nobody need know.
    I asked if my GP would be contacted by the army or if I would have to go and see my GP to get him to sign something and all they said was it was a self completed questionnaire and my GP would only be contacted if I disclosed something which needed looking into. My dielemma is I really want to join but dont want to lie as am an honest person and also have the embarrassment of getting caught out. Equally I dont want to disclose it if it s gonna cause problems unneccessarily and I felt the TA people I spoke too were almost encouraging me not to disclose it saying it would be ok if I didnt say anything. Just dont know what to do.
    Can someone give me a definitive answer please??? :?
  2. Dont lie, it will always come back and bite you in the ass, if your totally honest you may find that you have to wait a little perhaps at worst!
  3. Thanks I appreciate that and kind of decided I will tell them so at least I will have a clear conscience. How would they find out though. I've seen so many threads on this site where people are talkin about GP's and med records and hiding stuff from the army, it makes my head spin!!

    Thanks again

  4. Absolutely don't lie. The Doctors doing the Medicals here are highly experienced professionals. Tell the truth and leave it to the examining Doctors' professional judgement.

    Being caught out in a lie over your medical declaration could possibly see you booted out.

    Which would be a proper sickener if you had just completed Phase 1 and 2.
  5. people might hid things but it always comes and and while you went a bit mental mental oriental your GP is fine that your ok and fit to work etc, and you can bet that those that tried turning over the system mostly have or will be caught out.

    also I went barmy a little while back most of us do! Its not something to hid or be ashamed of.
  6. Depression is an illness that can effect us all. A brief spell of the illness should not be a bar to service once it has been successfully treated. However lying on an AFCO4 and being caught out will be a big time no no, so be honest and front it up.
  7. I think it depends how depressed you were etc. and your circumstances. Be honest or be booted later.. don't worry about waiting, gives you more time to prepare, I must wait too no worries ;)
  8. mate do not lye.... i had a nervous brake down in september of 2007. i was about 14. was a built up several events. mum die'ing. dad geting new girlfriend. blah blah list goes on.

    initialy i was defered.... but i got letters from my school. my employer. GP. a friend who is in the t.a.. and grandparents(guardians)

    to say i was in a state of well being and that... it was just the build up events i have been for like 2 years... so equally bad to depression :D
  9. Did they let you in?

    Thanks to everyone for your responses
  10. Echo other responses.

    Tell them the truth up front, your GP will be contacted to ensure you are OK.

    Like has been said, if you are caught out lying, you will be straight out of the door. Likewise, you seem to be the type (like me) who will get proper stressed at living a lie.

    My advise, tell the truth, tell all, and let the professionals make the descision. Even if they don't let you join, would you want to join under a lie and maybe put people (including yourself) at risk?

    Chances are you'll be in soon enough, maybe a delay whilst they check up on your medical history.
  11. Yeah man you can't really be permantly stopped from getting in unless you have allergies or aids lol
  12. I am not even sure aids bars you from service, allergies certainly don't.
  13. yes i passed my medical... i start on the 2nd of september.... it takes a while for the ball to get rolling. but it does happen.

    everything was fine

    i dont no allergies maybe... if you have a certain type of excsma you cant get in.
  14. LIE!!!! If it's depression you're worried about, just wait till you've been awake 72 hrs. on your 5th sentry shift, your wifes getting the c*ck from some chav while you're away, and it's raining.
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    An interesting take on 'integrity' from our Canuck friend.