Moral Courage

Discussion in 'Officers' started by msr, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    In the early hours of the morning, Fulton and Chamings were heard laughing in a toilet cubicle by an officer cadet.

    The unnamed cadet went into the next cubicle and peered over the top. When the two officers saw him, Fulton said: 'It’s okay, he will be alright.'

    The officer cadet then went into the cubicle and saw Fulton, who had a rolled up £10 note behind his ear, making two lines of cocaine on the toilet cistern.

    Capt Barkley said the officer cadet left the cubicle 'shocked and angry' but then returned and kicked in the toilet door to confront the senior officers.

    He grabbed Fulton by the lapels and dragged him out of the cubicle.


    P.S. Fulton was fined £4,000 and dismissed in disgrace whilst Chamings was fined £3,000 and dismissed.
  2. Good on the officer cadet.

    It would take a bit of bottle to do that. I hope I would have done the same if confronted with the same circumstances.
  3. That's right. He got drunk then by complete chance met a cocaine dealer in the Mess and thought he'd give it a go.

    I think it's great that they provide such a service in the Mess so you don't have to go down town and buy it when your sober!!
  4. Apologies for barging into your part of the forum but I need to stress this (even though I'm sure you were not being entirely serious)

    I assure you he most certainly did not get that cocaine from anyone in, or connected to, the mess.
  5. Sarcasm radar for mongoose!
  6. I know I know, but I thought I'd make it clear anyway.
  7. Bloody hell! They have stopped selling cigarettes in my mess never mind cocaine. Just a thought though, I wonder if a small amount of cocaine was left in the night bar for the livers in after hours, or could it only be purchased during bar hours? Mongoose - perhaps you could clarify the night bar cocaine situation for me.

    Seriously well done to the OCdt - not an easy situation to be in and ultimately he did the right thing IMO.
  8. Quite, especially as one of the two was somewhat of a role model for the chap.

    Probably shouldn't say much more though to be honest.
  9. Good work on the part of the OCdt - that must've taken some real cojones to do.
  10. Nice to see a TA Officer living up to the title of STAB, what an idiot!!!

    Have this feeling I've met him, will be checking my course photos tonight :D
  11. As indeed was the Regular officer who was involved...both of them should have known better.
  12. To be honest I am not suprised this has happened, a little suprised it has not happened earlier.officer or soldier, thoes that have served 6 to 10 years now are thoes that we winge about as being playstation generation , and very unfortunatly drugs is a part of the culture they grew up with.Shame on thoes caught, and the penalty is just, there is NO place in the armed forces for this.
  13. Heh.

    Just sign it out from the night tray...
  14. Gentlemen

    Could we not arrange for field punishment No.1 (pre 1881, with flogging) to reinstated in this case?

    Hasn't this been done before? any significance in repeating it?

  15. Good on the OCdt, let's hope he joins, as I am sure he will go far.

    His respect for the ex-superiors concerned is probably what made him do it. I am similar, I have a nasty tendency to get really irate with a person I have given my respect, when they in someway betray or dishonour such a move.

    It is unfortunate for the two guys concerned, but... they well knew the risks they were taking.

    For the guy who had had a drink problem also, I hope there is some sort of care package in the pipeline.