Moral courage

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by walting_matilda, Nov 5, 2009.

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  1. What does it really mean? Discuss......
  2. Please expand your question.That's quite vague.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    It means doing your own research for your homework ;)
  4. Or getting a dictionary
  5. Information Technology :)
  6. This is no homework project.

    What I was aiming for was Arssers to relay accounts of their own experiences of Moral Courage. The govt seems to use it as a buzz word.
  7. Standing up for whats right, no matter what the personal cost.
  8. Standing up for what you believe in, even if it makes you really, really unpopular.

    I imagine many concientious objectors in WWI would fit the bill.
  9. Any one have any "barrack room" accounts?
  10. moral courage means doing the right thing - simple. next.
  11. You're interested in the "goings on" in barracks? My gaydar has just lit up.
  12. The BQMS/CQMS probably has loads of 'barrack room' accounts on his 115s.
  13. Whaa whaa whaaaaaaaaaa.

    No. I just remember when L/Cpls had the bollocks to say when things are wrong (within the Company) rather than just sit there and say nothing.

    I remember a time when a 2Lt saw a Major getting into a car pissed out of his head. On trying to prevent him from driving decided to phone the police and let them deal with it rather than a drunk maniac loose on the streets.
  14. At least he wasn't interested in the "goings on" on board a ship!

    To be honest I think most examples of moral courage I have seen haven't always been in the military. I'm sure a lot of people can give examples from their life times.
    To demonstrate moral courage in the military is ill fitting as you may be under orders, so to do what you perceive as the right thing may be contrary to those orders. Hence the rank structure to allow the onus of that decision to be placed on the senior rank.

    Obviously as long as its a legal order. I suppose if you asked the question...
    "Who knows of a situation where an order has been challenged and overturned?" you may get a larger response.
  15. Thats not really moral courage, thats more common sense / prevention of a offence. If on the other hand the Major had told the Lt that if he didnt go away and let him drive off then he would give him a shankers posting. Yet the Lt remained in the face of being subject to unfair treatment to himself to stop the Major. I think that example better fits.