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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by freedomman, May 11, 2009.

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  1. After reading the recommendations of my erstwhile Arrsers, I've purchased a Mora Stainless. Very impressed so far, but the friction locking doesn't seem very secure.

    I don't really want this to devolve into another "RAF Regt wakner with a GBFO knife" thread, but I had expected to carry it on my webbing.

    I usually make do with a a Leatherman and do use it a lot, but I find that the blades aren't up to some tasks. I tried a 'hunting knife' but it was a bit too big and I felt a bit of a c0ck carrying it. Also, the Mora was a tenner so I wouldn't be that bothered if I broke or lost it.
    However, it would be cool if I hung onto for longer than the first twenty minutes in the field...

    Is it just a duff one and I'll do better sending it back?
    Can anyone suggest a way of improving the friction lock or modifying the sheath?
    Is it a better idea to get a more traditional leather or cordura sheath?
    Can I fit a lanyard somehow?
    It defeats the object somewhat if I just stick in a pouch, but does anyone know of a suitable sized one that I could get sewn onto a utility pouch?

    Or should I just get one of the other knives that my comrades seem to favour? These seem to be commando daggers, RAF survival knives, KABARs and I siht you not a Golock......

    I've got a funny feeling that the ratio of constructive answers to Naafi-bar stylings will be low, but WTF.
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Nah, what you need is an Underwater fighting knife because your a member of the SF innit.

    or grab a couple or three of these, their not stainless but they do hold a good edge and the barrell lock is pretty bloody good.

    Not Underwater fighting knives!
  3. Why do you want it on your webbing? You'd look a bit foolish, although nothing compared to your KABAR-carrying comrades in the elite RAF Regt... :roll: :lol:

    Try using a rubber band under the plastic clips and around the handle of the knife to stop it wobbling loose, and put it in a pouch or a pocket like a normal person. You aren't likely to need to whip it out in two seconds, and it'll save you being the butt of some abuse ;)
  4. Cheers fellers!

    Love Opinels and have had lots in the past. Again, cheap, robust and superb blades, but always seemed to open it up and all the rust would remind me why I hate carbon steel blades....

    Bodging with laccy bands seems to be wrong somehow, but then again everything else I use seems to be bodged together somehow.

    I shouldn't tell you this, but we elite forces don't do the Korean Underwater Knife Fighting Course anymore. We now get put through our paces by that bloke in the pub who slashed up Terrys' brother-in-law for calling his girlfriend a slag. Or something.

    If I really wanted to take part in a c0ck-waving contest, I'd just wear the 'butcher' bayonet my Great-Grandad nicked off some Hun during WW1. Or a felling axe.
  5. Try immersing the sheath in boiling water for a few minutes, take it out and compress somehow (mole grips, Wire wrapped around it), then drop it in iced water.
  6. Bit of recce tape inside the top of the scabbard does the trick.
  7. the sheaths on mora clippers (which I assume is the model you are using) are not brilliant when it comes to locking.
    basicaly, as walt of the walts says, a few strips of gaffa tape on the back of the sheath will jam the handle in a bit more securely.
    having tried the boiling water technique I can say that it is fairly difficult (I couldn't get it to flex) and you need to be careful, otherwise you might mess up the belt clip.
  8. Given that it was less than a tenner, I may well experiment with trying to shrink the collar of the sheath.

    Even if I balls it up, I could still revert to plan B: a new leather/cordura sheath in more traditional stylee.

    Incidentally, I also bought the Vanguard adapter thingy so it actually would attach to a webbing belt. Simple as can be and seems more than robust. Thoroughly recommend.
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Have they all been booted ?

    Try this, about halfway down the page.
    The name "Curly Wurly Lanyard" might not be as warry as 'SAS/PARA/Marines/Special Forces Silent Killing Tool Lanyard,' but at two quid you should manage to get over it.
    They might even do them in RAF pink.
  10. Im still interested to know why you think you would need anything more than a decent leatherman for the wilds of Catterick.

    Only one on our Sqn has a **** off knife, and he is derided as a bit of a wnaker.Quite why a few of your boys feel the need, I have no idea.

    Said that, piece of green string, tie it to your belt, done diddly done.
  11. No, don't do that. An elasticated lanyard on a knife is a remarkably stupid idea; when your hands are wet the knife will shoot back through your hand and cut it wide open. Use a bit of paracord for a lanyard.
  12. to fit a lanyard you need to drill a hole in the bottom of the knife (again, assuming it's a clipper model, not the "swedish army knife" version, which allready has a lanyard loop irrc). then tie some cord through the hole
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I suppose there must be people who might manage that, but then they probably shouldn't have access to knives anyway.
    I don't think most have a problem.

    Worked on a mate's fishing boat for two weeks of leave and all the cleaning/filleting knives were secured in this way. They were wooden handled and none had quillons.
    No-one, including the least experienced, ie me, managed to cut themselves like that despite our hands being coated with fish slime, guts and scales.
    It sounds like an old wives tale to encourage people to take care when using knives.

    If using paracord you need somewhere to stow the line when the knife is sheathed.
  14. You have stuff on the outside of your kit to grab quickly ie an urgent need.

    A knife on the outside screams nothing but nutter or saddo. Have a good knife, but keep it somewhere safe. You'd probably cut yourself anyway.