Moqtada Al Sadr seriously wounded in fighting

Iraqi cleric Moqtada al Sadr has been wounded in fighting in Najaf, according to reports.

Sadr was hit in the arm and chest by shrapnel while he was in the Imam Ali mosque.

American forces earlier stormed the home of the radical Shi'ite cleric as US warplanes pounded positions in the area and troops took control of the centre of the holy city.

US marines are trying top defeat a week-long uprising by insurgents and flush the militiamen out of the holy city.

Thousands are hiding out in the world-famous mosque, one of the most important sites in the Muslim world.

American troops have said they will not enter the building and risk a backlash from the Iraqi community.

Shi'ites have already expressed anger at the major US-led assault.

They have warned that the violence could spread to other parts of the country and damage the entire political process in Iraq.

Thousands of civilians have already fled the violence.

Interim prime minister Iyad Allawi responded to the continuing violence by calling on the insurgents to lay down their weapons and "return to civil society.
I sincerely hope he snuffs it.........
He's not a happy teddy is he?

Al-Jaz carried some coverage over the weekend, where 2 interesting characters featured amongst the Gunmen, both light skinned , woolly hats, Russian pattern camo Body Armour and assault rigs. One carrying a AKMS , the other with an SVD , both capable looking gentlemen.

I'd say the Chechens have people there too. 8O
Injured is he? Good. Maybe, once we catch this half-wit, we can give him a hefty boot in the nads for his trouble too.
Speaking as a simple infantryman (and a Northern one to boot) if Mr Sadr and his chums think this Mosque is so holy why are they hiding in it?

If it is as Holy as they say then surely they shouldn't want to draw fire onto the place. Or do they care less about the Holy places than embarrassing the spams?
Seriously injured.
ya means they hit the hole that sprouts all the verbal sh1t ?
Poor dear won't be able to sit down for a week, just like the first time he had a bit of dick.

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