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Moped Snatchers ....how would deal with them

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
The media is currently outraged by the rise in thieves on mopeds snatching phones, bags and wallets etc , how would you deal with / prevent this.
Ford transit dropside
smack them head on, lift mopeds into the back, remove helmets if they have not already fallen off and photograph them and then use a paintball gun on the turds

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
There are three problems.

1 Scooters are easy to steal
nope, most of them have decent locks and secondary locks thats why they try to attack riders and steal them with the keys
2 They can move faster than the victim can chase them
yep, my mates Honda can hit 70 easily

3 The police are either unable or unwilling to pursue them
yep, thats the government and liberals fault, we used to have a very large traffic department in our town 180 officers for the county, 60 of those were high powered motorcycles plus some smaller off road types
we have one bmw motorcycle now, a trained police rider can easily catch and knock flying a scooter rider

I've never been on a scooter. What kind of ignition locks do they have? Secure car keys with a chip have been common for decades. Also, when you see somebody using an angle grinder to cut the security chain on a scooter, chances are it's not because they lost the key to their padlock so call the police.

most riders use decent locks, the thieving scum cut the front disc to remove the lock, they use massive bolt cutters as well, and even freeze the chains before shattering them, one company nos supplies every Vespa 250 they sell with a tracker, in London you can only get 3rd party insurance in many areas
most modern scooters have RFID chips in the key
the scum, if they cannot assault the rider and get the key, use a large screwdriver and lump hammer to batter the lock, then kick the handlebars like a deranged chimp to shatter the pin, then remove the connector to the lock and fit a small device that fools the ECU into thinking its got a signal from the RFID

Once they've got your stuff, they will be off. Forget carrying a steel rod, walking stick, light sabre or anything else. You wont have time to use it. Do think about earphones or a bluetooth headset for making calls without exposing your phone and don't take it out of your pocket when outdoors unless you have to.

Scooters can go where cars cant. The Met claim to be making more use of helicopters but unless "Door Gunner" becomes a rank in the police they will not have much success. More police on bikes would be better than a couple of helicopters on call.
would be, but all the met police garages have closed and they only have a small selection of motorcycles left and even fewer riders

Of course, the main issue being highlighted by the press is the unwillingness to pursue scooter thieves unless certain members of certain "communities" get upset. Interesting article about this on Sky
Yes lots of Black youths involved, easy work for lazy youths, but whiteys are involved as well

Police 'fearful' of pursuing criminals on mopeds

I saw a news report about scooter crime that included a police chase. As soon as the scooter pillion passenger took his helmet off the pursuing copper slammed the brakes on. These little sods have a get out of jail free card.

People high up in the Met, Home Office and CPS need to get a grip of PC culture and make it clear that, like the rest of us, police officers will not face consequences for road accidents unless they are negligent or malicious. They need to emphasise that if fleeing scrotes choose not to stop and end up surfing the net with a head dobber, there will be no compo or anything else.
yep fully agree with you

read a little more here

New Police Pursuits Consultation announced | Biker and Bike

Stolen motorbikes are being sold openly on Facebook - Biker & Bike

MAG offers £10,000 reward to catch bike thieves | Biker and Bike

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
Further to the above, in our local newspaper a short time ago, a prolific burglar was given a suspended 3 month prison sentence and 100 hours of community service.

He had been positively identified for over 20 burglaries over a 12 month period and asked for "other offences" to be taken into consideration. Local rumour is that he had done over 100 homes and nicked around £10k worth of gear including laptops, cash, X-boxes, cameras and jewellery. He was caught trying to sell a camera to an off-duty PCSO in a pub.

He won't get jailed unless he gets caught again (very unlikely) and then will only seve 4 - 6 weeks in low security where he will be clothed, fed and get his daily methodone plus all the spice he can afford. His "community service" consists of litter picking plus some light gardening of which he will probably actually work for about 20-25 hours, the rest of the time will be spent dossing.
But his name and address will be in the local paper ( freedom of information) and its not unknown for people to bide their time and pay a visit

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
Hopefully none of these moped scum would either, and no-one will report someone making a phone call by the side of the road.

The US is probably not quite so alert to suspicious packages/parcels.

Prizes could be awarded to the size/weight...or no of phones previously stolen by the ‘catch’.

Being dragged of the moped might subdue the ‘catch’ but it would then be up to the responding ‘services’ to use a baton/taser/CS to complete the process.

Unfortunately it is more likely to be ambulance and bags of sympathy.
I think the ownership of hand guns in the US might reduce offending a little ?
A pity instead of passers by holding a suspect, it didn't read "passers by killed a suspect".


The You Tube video this comment is referring to was deleted from here very quickly.

Standard police response to stopping this type of crime should be to shoot the scum red-handed without prior warning.
There's a little too much tactile approach to these feckers.

Stingers won't work as they just mount the kerb to escape.

ID tagging in pursuit has reasonable success if the culprits are eventually caught.

More UC bike cops required (Manchester example) to chase & grab seems to work.

Getting close enough to push them off the bikes another option.

Allowing them to wrap themselves around a tree another, hopefully seeing the grim reaper & saving the taxpayer money (win win)

Old school option: spray the rider & pillion with a fuel type substance & flick a match, payback's a bitch.

Sometimes a sadistic & extreme approach to todays crim's maybe the only & workable option.

No doubt there's a flaw in one or two options ;-)

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