Moors Murderer Brady wants to be moved to a Scottish Gaol..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by uncle_vanya, Sep 14, 2009.

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  1. I heard some newsreport, did not catch the whole thing, that Ian Brady, who is ill at the moment, wants to be moved to a Scottish goal to serve out his time.....

    I wondered how long after the Lockerbie Bomber, Al-Mahgrahey, was released on compasionate grounds before other scumbags serving sentences will try and pull this stunt.... 'Its me Uming Rites...' :roll:

    Maybe what happened to Al-Mahgrahey will be used as a legal precedence for others to try to be moved to, and released from a Scottish goal on ...'Compassionate grounds... because they are ill...'

    Scumbags will try anything......
  2. Not even the SNP could be stupid enough to let him go. Nearly but not quite ...

    Any way, he's in a High Security Whacko Bin on indefinite detention, not a prison serving a sentence - different rules apply.
  3. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I believe he also stated he wanted to die in prison.

    Still, its the prison system, not feckin Thomas Cook, let him rot where he is.
  4. We don't want him, we have enough loonies of our own

  5. Like....Nah, too easy!
  6. No I refuse to......... :x
  7. You sound like a Daily Heil reader. England doesn't operate the same system as they do in Scotland in respect of 'compasionate grounds', so he'll be stayig where he is. Never mind though Mr Angry, I'm sure that you'l find somethig else to get you hot under the collar, you rancid turd.
  8. I think he'll find that the Scottish prison system is different to the English, Welsh and (I think) N. Ireland Service. He is asking to moved into the system of another country. Might as well try Libya, from my experience of transfers to Scotland, it may be easier to achieve.
    Brady has been hoist on his own petard by proving himself insane. He wants to die but the hospital authorities will not let him starve himself, they force feed him. Quite a nasty experience I believe. In prison he would be allowed to refuse food if he was sane.
    Loses all ways, shame.
  9. Hang on. Isn't he on loan service down south? Permanent loan, hopefully very temporary service? Oh and that's service as in prossie, not as in military!
  10. If Brady had been executed, we would not be having this discussion.
  11. I have, for years, been trying to get a good reason as to why these sort of creatures are kept alive. Still waiting.
  12. Britain is far too gay to adopt such procedures. Basically in many cases crime wins.
  13. Can't honestly say that I know many gays/queers, but those that I do tend to be of the " string em up" persuasion. Whole new thread perhaps?
  14. Why not just let him walk out the gates?

    All that would be needed after that, would be blotting paper, a dustpan and brush and a carrier bag.

    Just a thought.
  15. I doubt if there is much oil in Brady's back garden, but if. No, I won't go down that road.