I've just got off the phone from talking to a woman who was recruiting on the internet for self employed distributors for a business (I'm researching home based businesses for a family member)
This lady says she has advertised extensively on the web and is building up her sales teams nationally.
At the end of the conversation she announced that she is a full time serving army officer as well as running this business enterprise.
I was shocked to say the least that she would announce this to a complete stranger at the same time as being willing to disclose her personal details, but more than a little disturbed that she feels able to run other businesses while serving full time.
Who are the men and women serving under this officer who are being short changed in terms of time and care and attention one wonders.
Not impressed :evil:
What's the general view on this?
If its not detrimental to her role in the forces wheres the problem? As long as it is all above board and she pays her taxes etc etc.

I work weekends and during my leave sometimes for a little extra cash and it has never been a problem.
See no problem at all with it, however would question why she mentions she is in the military to a complete stranger, but hey, why not? - and Officers need extra cash like anynody else. ?
Could be a waltess
It's been going on for years actiontoday. I know some quite senior officers running a great businesses whilst holding down an average service career. I know one unit from the CO downwards who were all in it. Breakdown Recovery/Haulage/Facilities Management/Security & Guarding. They were even shifting fresh seafood from Devon/Cornwall to Manchester as priority 1 Air Freight. They had ISO shipping containers full of brand new married quarters furniture sent to fictious addresses in Germany/Belgium/Holland where they were sold direct to Hotels.

The CO Managed to get a deferral for the whole unit from a Deployment to Op Granby in 1990/91 due to some lucrative contracts with M&S & Waitrose they were obliged to fulfil.

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