Moonlighting over leave...

Planning on doing it as an LGV driver although I feel my plan is pretty flawed as I am:

a) Under 25
b) Have no HAZMAT quals
c) Pretty god damn inexperienced (although I have the C+E)

I have looked on some agency websites but have only found jobs for over 25s...any advice? Or is my grand plan to sub my wages doomed to fail?
Doomed to failure. The legal age for HGV driving is 21 but for insurance (and experience reasons) 25 is the acceptable age. TBH, if you have never driven a modern truck before (mil vehs are NOT like their civvy counter parts BTW) they you will be lost as they are sometimes horribly complicted.
Try a bit of van driving, it can pay as well, there isn't the problem of turning a rig around if you get geographically challenged trying to get into the back end of a supermarket and people like UPS, Parcelforce and a like are all likely to take on temp drivers to cover the holidays. No Tacho, no messing about learning all the gadgets in your cab, just a bit bigger than your average car and means you can at least earn some dosh! Just a thought.

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