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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by error_unknown, Jan 14, 2003.

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  1. Would like to join TA- only problem is that for various reasons (like loads of people I know dying in a short space of time) I ended up diagnosed with depression and being put on Anti-depressants for six months. Came off 'em just over a week ago and I feel fine. Even my fabled sense of humour has returned.
    To be honest, I'm really up for it.
    now I'm off, when should I apply or should I apply? and even if I do, will the TA tell me to sling my hook for being a former fruitloop?
    Any info much appreciated.
    Any insults treated with the contempt they deserve!   8)
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Stritly against the rules, but the easiest thing is simply not to tell anyone!

    If you consider that you are up for it, give it a go.  While the TA is not a social service, you will probably find that a new interest, and new mates, will do you a world of good.

    Anyway, plenty of Regular and TA Soldiers of my acquintance have been/are, if not certifiable, then pretty weird :D
  3. Was in the cadets and I loved it. only left cos I was too old! Thought about Regs at time and passed on it when I saw the pay!
    loads of years passed and then somone mentioned it to me drunkenly in the pub recently.
    Just the thing to keep me out of mischief!
    (or in mischief I suppose..)
  4. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Join the HAC.  You'll fit right in if bonkers.  

    If you have a large car, an apartment somewhere in West London and a well paid job in the city?  Even better, but it's not necessary.

    Some parts of North London are acceptable.
  5. Nope, officially not fruity- I is got a letter from me doctor and that proves it!!
    Anyway, how can I be stir if I'm able to tell crpness of reg pay! ;)
  6. regardless of any letter from a doctor m8, stating you are 100% sane, if you admit to the fact that you have had a history of depression when applying for service in any of the UK Armed forces then be prepared for disappointment  ;)

    i will tell you that having spent a tour as a Recruiter prior to miving to this job as a PSI with the TA and i know for a fact it hasnt changed and is very much a question that will be asked when attending for your medical  ;)

    My immediate advice to you (especially as i dont know you and given that i am not a Doctor) would be to talk to your Doctor and see if he or she feels that a career in the forces would be a good move for you, to start with you need to clarify just what "medical" level of depression you were treated for  ;)

    Although i will go with the flow on this one and say hear and now that the forces lose too many potential candidates these days for Medical technicalities and if it was me (dont dare quote me here!) i wouldnt open my mouth unless i personnaly felt that it was something that was going to come back and bite me in the ass

    Other than that m8, if you get in then best of British to you and i hope you get what you are after :)
  7. that being the case, even if I did keep it quiet, would my medical records not be checked anyway?
  8. Lplate, I've mailed you at more length about this. Check your inbox. Cheers. ;)
  9. Actually no part of North London is acceptable in the HAC! Draw a line along the a40, Euston Road to the Old St Roundabout. Anything North=bad, anything south=acceptable.

    Just to clarify!  ;D
  10. Agreed - I always told troops that I wasn't going to war sane AND sober.   Neither is usually a problem.