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Mooning on Army Equipment

Going through some old photo's as you do, saw this one and wondered just how many people on this site own similar ones. Me and my mooning friends had to build this MGB with pier to attain just the correct height for the best angle of dangle.
Anyway just a thought, I've started the ball rolling and lets just see who owns the one with 'maximum exposure'
That was our B1 Combat Engineer Course in 1981... sh1t... I feel old again!

As Jesus said nailed to the cross " I can see my Arrse from here" Oh no, that was house.. I'll get me coat
You seem to have the dubious honour of having posted the only photo of a Christchurch Crib on the internet.

The RE museum mentions it, but have they got the dimensions wrong? Or was it originally bigger?

...and the Christchurch Crib. This was a skeleton steel double cube measuring 6' x 3' x 3' used to make temporary bridge piers.

I think your bridge was at Gib Bks, and just maybe, the scars on my shins come from those same cribs.... (probably two years later).
I was hoping to see loads of photos of like minded saddo's posted in this thread but as the subject of Christchurch Cribs has cropped up... here's a starter for 10

It's possible to build a pier/water tower with the cribs the wrong way up (not end ways by the way.. that's definitely wrong!) Question... As they are square, how do you know they are the right way up!! I know it's sad but it'll get the old farts thinkin'
grrr....i actually enjoyed my B1 at Hameln.....the fittest i ever was.....but the nads who were my instructors in trg were probably some of those moonies on that MGB! 8O

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