moody ruperts

i applied for a possible transfer to int corp as im currently RRF at that stupid AFC but an officer told be my english is crap and wouldn't be accepted. i know of people who were in the int corp during op Desert storm.

any guys here give me any tips to get a transfer in and get accepted.
2RRF Russell,

Judging by your post, you could do with improving the quality of your English. Not a problem, find a local night school/college, and get some lessons.

You also need to ask yourself some fairly fundamental questions (and be honest with yourself):

Why do you want to transfer (are you just pi**ed off with your Boss/Regiment)?

What are your academic qualifications?

What was your GTI score at the Careers Office?

How much do you know about the work of the INT CORPS? What research have you done?

Have you spoken to your RAO? They hold a folder of career trades across the Army, which includes information on how to transfer.

Simple things first, do your research, are you suitable, what extra qualifications will you need etc etc.

If after all that, you are ready to transfer, then remember that nobody can stop you. Less the INT CORPS who after all your hardwork may still not accept you.

Good luck.
2ndRRF_Russell said: officer told be my english is crap and wouldn't be accepted. confirmed in part by other sources and therefore probably true

Whiskeybreath, are you bored again, do I detect a wind-up here??
Who describes 2 RRF as 2nd RRF?

and Desert Storm?

You also seem to have thrown a lot of money at the site for your second post - what's the craic?

Your cover story is thin Walter


2ndRRF_Russell said:
im currently RRF at that stupid AFC
There is someone at "that stupid AFC" who used to be Int Corps and has given advice to a number of aspiring transferees-strangely enough none of them RRF. As Wellington said- Time spent in reconnaisance is seldom wasted. Find out who he is and go talk to him.
So this problem with English you have Russell, is it because you are

1. Chinese
2. Ripping the piss out of someone who is?
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