Moody or Dozy BlueTeam tonight

They already know , but can you remind BLUETEAM to ENDEX @ 19.00 or soon thereafter please?

Ashtead isn't the nicest place in the world at night the weekend , especially with the other side looking to provoke something.

We need their SITREP as soon as possible too
.Dolly said:
Swift POR from Friday Blue Team cohorts:

RV’d 1000hrs and retrieved leaflet stack of approx 4/500. Met with RBL and issued the four posters I brought with me to them for attaching to street notice boards. We later saw two posters in action complete with local folk stopping to look.

All locals spoken too were willing to listen and promised to read the leaflet and maybe log on. Many were already aware of the campaign through previous leaflet drops or word of mouth.

Brewers Inn bar staff particularly supportive, allowing leaflets to be placed on each table and holding stock for table replenishment by themselves.

Hefty swathe of residential area covered plus shops. St George’s Christian Centre were superstars – left quantity of leaflets in a prominent place in their info rack plus the café tables are now graced with leaflets in all of their conveniently A5 sized table menu boards – superb! :D

Dearth of leaflets occurred approx 1300hrs, retired to refresh before Liz + S sourced 300 excellent copies in Leatherhead whilst Aris and I retrieved some back from RBL (note: they will need a top-up over the w/e please)

No sightings of Red Team.

Aristander, Liz + S, Mikal, Wraith and W_B (+ 2 who’d been bribed with a McDonalds!) it was a pleasure working with you today, good effort team! :dance:

Handover to Farmboy approx. 1900hrs - hope evening shift was equally as successful and uneventful.

Best of luck to Saturday Blue Team.

More specific detail to follow to those in Ops Rm. ;)

Permission to crawl to pit….. ah sod it, going anyway! :D

.Dolly said:
Additional info to Friday Blue Team’s POR:

(recipients: PTP, DB, MB)

Believe we should, if not already, keep records of roads covered to avoid pishing off residents with multiple leaflet deliveries, plus leaflet wastage. Thus I brought print outs from Multimap and marked off drop zones: Today’s tally:

Brief was: West of Woodfield Lane, towards Lower Ashtead.

Roads done:

Wood Lane (inc. behind pond)
Oakfield Road
Paddocks Way
The Mead
Maple Road
Southview Road
Skinners Lane
Glebe Road
Oakhill Road
Oakhill Close
The Chase
Green Lane
Brookers Close
Richbell Close
Taylor Road
Read Road
Woodfield Close
Elm Way
Balo Close

Premises along Wood Lane:

Football Club
St George’s Christian Centre and café
Shapes Barber
Four Seasons Fish and Chips*
Buckley Pharmacy
Post Office
Gary’s Fruit and Veg
Volkespeed (Wood Lane site, not Woodfield Lane branch)
Dressed for Time
Hammonds Butchers

Quantity left at Brewers Inn for tables.
Red House nursing home, Skinners Lane – promised to put on nurses’ noticeboard.

Points of note:

Chatted to 3 builders in the Four Seasons Fish and Chips shop – one was already aware of our campaign from one of the pubs earlier in the week. All 3 regularly work in Grays Lane and have unprintable opinions of virtually every resident they’ve worked for up there. Agree it’s pure snobbery and they are pished off at the shame being brought to Ashtead.

Ex Headley Court nurse working at the Christian Centre remembers Capt. Norton GC from his time there – definite supporter.

Bar staff at Brewers very supportive, been leafleting tables but has witnessed probable RED TEAM members entering pub specifically to remove leaflets from the tables!!

Doctors Surgery on corner of Stephens Road (opp station) have taken a few. They were concerned about remaining impartial but after .Dolly silver tongue agreed that they would retain a few, especially as later in convo admitted one of their GPs does work at Headley Court.

Helen.... OUT.
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