Mooched around at the ACF

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by King-walt, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. As a trained TA soldier and also a PI in the ACF, we're a Rifles detachment... moment I got there a tonight a 20 year old SI is moaning about me having the drawcords done on my smock upto belt level (my excuse being that I think it looks smarter) and being a general mongo about it, she literally insisted every 5 mins on me undoing them "because thats how it is" in the ACF.

    Funny that, never have a problem with that in TA on parade nights, than I'm hearing the blagger of being "outranked" because I'm just at PI level so she reckons she can generally have a boss about

    Good thing I joined the ACF as a CFAV to be treated like a c*nt, so a CIC trained soldier whose 6 years her senior is expected to put up with this crap!

    Cause to be honest, now I'm feeling if I get that same kind of treatment next time I'd rather say "I don't come here to be mooched around by a student when I've done CIC and my own degree 2 years ago so f**k off"
  2. So do it.
  3. I've a long drive to the north east after work. I hope I've time for a bit of lunch.
  4. North-east? Going slumming are you?
  5. Has someone actually started a thread about smock drawcords in a cadet unit? Have I got that right?
  6. Well Iron Duke wants to touch my tuppence and the beaches are nice.
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  7. Take some Vaseline, I hear he is well endowed!
  8. My lips do get dry in winter.
  9. I am sure the Duke has just the stuff for that.
  10. I've even trimmed my nasal hair. I'm up for anything now.
  11. Ah that's spoiled it. I thought you always sported a waxed Jimmy Edwards, to go with your Dennis Healey's
  12. You are Eric Oldthwaite and I claim my shovel.
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  13. I don't like facial hair it tickles.
  14. Ah. Well you're buggered then. Er, I mean ....
  15. I like ham.