mooch: Time for him to retire gracefully?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hitlerwasabitnaughty, Jun 16, 2005.

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  1. Yes!!!! This way he has a fresh chance.

  2. No!!!! Just delete him and block his IPs.

  3. Couldn't give a monkey one way or the other.

  1. Right!!!!

    Speaking personally, I am fed up of this users serial drivellings in the boards and his whinging and whining in chat. I know that there are QUITE a few of you that feel the same way.

    So say it loud! Here's your chance to let mooch know what you really think. VOTE!!!!
  2. no doubt he is truely a cnut. His latest excuse for acting an tw@t was that he was on the lash.

    Now I am convienced he's a walt, since a real squaddie on the lash acts an @ss and not a tw@t :D
  3. In fairness to mooch [oh thats hard!!!! :D] no matter HOW MUCH he does to try and, reverse the trend of how he is perceived, and make amends he is ALWAYS going to be seen as a dullard [oh how I wanted to use a stronger word there! :wink:] and a few other things besides. Therefore he will always get in the neck from a pretty large number of us.

    The damage has been done and is, to a large extent in my view, pretty irreversible. I can't help seeing a LOT of parallels between mooch and Blondebint. Those of us who have been on ARRSE a while will know what ended up happening with her. Do we want it happening again?

    My 10 cents worth.
  4. i've said it before about others, but why even bother giving them the pleasure of knowing you're wound up enough to start a new thread over it. personally i just ignore them, if they bore me, i don't read their posts.

    that said, the reactions some of you lot give over things said by the dull ones, usually has me spitting coffee out my nose with laughter.

    keep it up ducky
  5. God this is so boring

    Who gives a feck about Mooch

    He's had numerous threads dedicated to him

    Can't we just ignore him and talk about something half decent for a change
  6. Did you delete my post Duckypoos?
  7. Not guilty mate.
  8. Wonder where it's gone.
  9. How about how your cat likes to felch you with his lovely rough tongue?

    Will that do?
  10. I say leave him be.

    Arrse without a target is like an army in peacetime. Nice to look at, but secretly using duvets.
  11. Stop feeding trolls and annoying people.

    Thank you.
  12. I think he should be allowed to remain as is. His posts are lame but they do generate a laugh at the response.
  13. Get him to the pish up on sat then we can kill him problem solved
  14. I believe there's a very funny thread in the NAAFI about the manner in which MDN or Stella 'retired' a dog then buried it's body.......:)

    Oh just thinking out loud now!

    Beebs :)
  15. Getting far more attention than he warrants IMHO.