MONUC get robust

UN attacks DR Congo militia camps

The United Nations military in the Democratic Republic of Congo have carried out an attack on militiamen who refused to surrender their weapons.
A UN battalion backed by helicopters targeted two rebel camps south-west of the main town of Bunia in Ituri region.

"Shots were exchanged... , a number of militiamen fled with the arrival of the UN forces," the UN mission in the DR Congo (Monuc), said in a statement.

It gave no details on any arrests or weapons seized.

Col Hussein Mahmoud, the deputy force commander, said earlier the operation would send a message to other militias that the UN would destroy all their camps.

It was intended to show "we mean business", Col Mahmoud said.

The MONUC military operation began at 6:00 am (0400 GMT) and finished at 12.15 pm (1015 GMT), in the areas of Bolonzabo, 12 kilometers (seven miles) southwest of Bunia, the main town in Ituri, and in the neighbouring area of Kodeza, MONUC spokesman Mamadou Bah told AFP.

According to MONUC estimates, there are about 200 militiamen in these areas.

Pakistani, Bangladeshi and South African UN peacekeeping soldiers conducted the operation with helicopter support, said Bah.

Good skills , is this a sign that UN Peacekeeping in Africa is about to get a lot more robust?
Interesting slant on peacekeeping there....wonder why their PK rules of engagement are slightly different to ours?

I'd have been quite happy steaming in to sort a few folk out in the Balkans.
Top drills..always impressed by the Indo-Pak forces when seen in their native habitat, very professional and look a bit like us!!

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