Montychip fan club

For Monty fans everywhere. Oh yes I hear ol' Monty has been at it again, he's stiching up so many people now he'll own his own sewing factory soon. The only thing I do hope is that one day Ol' Monty and his sidekick Smither's will be sent to pasture (sooner than later) to live in a pasture full of their own sh**, so deep they'll never get out and stitch another decent person up again. there is a god and he will answer us one day.
the good old montychip, i know what you mean,
i dont think hes made one yet for the RSM, but maybe he will get around to making one for him soon
sorry arrse viewers..inside joke
I'm afraid he already has one! although I do believe he thinks he is making his own decisions and trying to look good, unfortunately the owner of the nuke power station is pulling the strings :evil: ha ha

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