Monty !!

Bowling like a demon. Just got Warne out and currently has 4-70 odd. I know it is a bit of Monday Morning Quarterbacking, but I have said from the start (as has seemngly everyone except the selectors) that he should have been in the team at The Gabba. Giles isn't a match winner, and playing him for his batting is just defensive, and sent out the wrong message to the Aussies. You play a bowler for his wicket taking abilities and Monty takes wickets. Plus I have missed an batsman like Monty, we haven't had someone so comical with the bat since Devon Malcom...
Couldn't agree with you more. Couldnt understand the selectors decision in the first two tests. Well done Monty, completely proved the selectors wrong within the first day!!
Just got Lee. A fiverfer in his first Ashes Test.

Mr Fletcher, Doh !
5 wickets for Monty. Why oh why didn't he play from the start?

5 for 90 from 23 overs!!!!!
First five-for for any test spin bowler at this ground. Warne's best haul here is 4. The King of Spain is dead. Long live the King of Spin!
244 All Out. Monty fivefer and Harmison got the fire back in his boots.
I make it a maximum of 17 overs left to play today. The big question is will we get through it without losing a wicket, or will we collapse to 20-odd for three or similar?
I think we will be able to avoid the follow on!! :wink:
We need a big 1st innings score. With Monty having taken 5 on day 1, what will Warne do on day 5? So Strauss and Cook need to come to the party, and decent contributions from numbers 3 to 7. Plus a couple of whirlwind 30s from Harmy and Saj...

Or am I being over-optimistic?


War Hero
Double figures with no loss, things are looking good.

Congrats Monty, beat Warnes best (so far) at Perth.
37-2 Noooooooooooooooooo


War Hero
Is it me or would anyone else liked to have seen Ed Joyce play as well.
Saw him a couple of times during the summer pre-injury and on
tv the other day and he is looking solid again. Fluent strokes and
good in the field.
Big plus point, intimidation/sledging just will not work on this guy.

Anyway btw
51-2 at close. Clark looked very dangerous.

Day 1 to England. Just another four required....

England looked to have changed ethos and are looking to take the game to the Aussies. That is how the Ashes were won. I am afraid we have given the Aussies at 2 match start.
Australia were 54 for 2. It is too early to say Day 1 to England. We need to see what happens on Day 2 before we can judge that. We need a big score from Strauss, and for Colly and KP to pitch in with a few big runs.
It was our day. Day 2 will be a different day. But at the moment we are in the box seat. I'm not saying it will stay like that, but at the mo, we are on top.
Why was Monty not played before? Is it some sort of racial thingy?
119-1 at close. Day 2 most definitely to the Aussies. Ponting and Hayden look well set. Pietersen bowled the penultimate over in to the rough where Warne will be bowling later in the match and it was stippting and turning. Oh dear...