Monty Python

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ging-gwar, Apr 18, 2003.

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  1. Know it and love it. Could act in it seen them so much ;D

    What is your favourite one liner?


    'hes not the messiah, hes a very naughty boy'  ;D ;D ;D
  2. As an old bastaard, there's loads of good memories about MP.  I grew up on this, and Spike Milligan's Q series.  MP's finest....... the Parrot Sketch.  Me tinks ??
  3. I agree with Gunny, the parrot sketch is immortal.   ;D

    but the black night also had me in tears.  "it's a flesh wound"  (Remind anyone of Comical Ali?)
  4. keep it coming ;D

    'death awaits you all with nasty big  pointy teeth!'
  5. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator


    "Was it an African or a European Swallow?"

    "Blessed are the cheesemakers?"


    "Just a little bit of peril?"

    "We want............ a shrubbery!"
  6. .....Dennis Mooore, Dennis Moore.......

    .........................Is not in this bit
  7. Messiah definatley the best

    Closely followed by

    I'm Bryan and so's my wife ;D
  8. Welise Woderwick, the wicked wapist !!
  9. Riding through the night, soon every loopin in this land will be in his mighty had, he steals from the rich and he gives to the poor, Dennis Moore Dennis Moore, Loopin......... another favourite. ;D

    Any body else want to laugh at Biggus ......Dickus....... strike him centurion.....

    And throw him to the floor your majesty?

    The Apple and the Witch sketch was another....

    Bugger me there are loads
  10. Spiney Norman the giant Hedgehog who lives in a hanger at Luton airport and pursues Dinsdale Piranha.
  11. I always fcuking wondered where the name "Spiney Norman" came from :)
  12. We are nights of the round table
    we dance whenever were able
    We do routines
    make floral scenes
    and impersonate clark cable

    Its great to live in Camelot
    we eat ham and jam and spam alot
  13. I wish someone could tell me the name of the classical music that precedes the Lupin Express sketch... You know, the bit that's playing as the commentator says


    and Lipstik, you move at your peril, for I have 2 pistols here , I know one of them isn't loaded anymore ..........
  14. Any scene Palin was in, particularly Constitutional Peasant

    "Here we see the violence inherent in the system, HELP!HELP! i'm being repressed"
  15. Where is the popular peoples front?

    Hes over there