Monty Python

Sorry if this has been done before but monty python really is a timeless classic.

"Monty Python's Spamalot," a musical inspired by the 1975 film "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." hit Broadway on March 17, written by Eric Idle,

So which is your favourite comedy sketch performed performed on the show Monty pythons flying circus.

My top three as i couldn't really choose are:

The Lumberjack song
The dead parrot sketch
the clip about self defence, with the attacker with a bannana ( never been able to do unarmed combat without thinking of this sketch)

so what is yours?????
I would have to say the one with the mouse organ,

Basically it starts off as a concert pianist, or so you think ,
they state he is about to play the mouse organ with mice that squeak in pitch to a musical note, and has arranged them on the organ, and by gentle tapping them they squeak.
Then the pianist pulls out two wooden mallets and preceeds to play 3 blind mice, while mashing the hell out the keyboard!

Funny as hell
The basics of camoflauge;
'There are 32 people hidden in this picture'


'Don't stand there gawping like you've never seen the hand of god before!'


the black knight
Here are a few of my favourates:

The Knights who say neee - The Holy Grail

The French Taunting 'Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries' - Holy Grail

Bigus Dickus - The Life of Brian

Wolf nipple chips - get em while their hot, their lovely - The Life of Brian

Judean Peoples Front Crack Suicide Squad - Life of Brian

I'm Brian and so's my wife - Life of Brian

The fish slapping scene

The killer joke (WWII Secret weapon) - translated from German

'My Dog has no nose

How Does he Smell?


:lol: Genius!
Presenter: I'm afraid we are unable to show you any more of that letter. We continue with a man with a stoat through his head.

(Cut to man with a stone through his head. He bows. Cut to film of Women's Institute applauding.)
Oh just remembered another one

the song 'Every Sperm Is Sacred'

Such a classic i wonder would they get away with it now??
SS - have to agree with you there I do not think in this current climate MP would be allowed.

'Every sperm is sacred' is a classic as is in no particular order

The Knights who say NI! - makes me wet myself everytime
Black Knight
The Spanish Inquisition
Biggus Dickus
Welease Woderwick scene
Lumberjack Song
Election Night Special
Dead Parrot
Nudge nudge wink wink
Albatross!! - the uncut live version

in tears :lol: just thinking of them
The Holy Hand-Grenade of Antioch - Holy Grail. Absolutely Epic!
The Philosophers Drinking Song - "I Drink Therefore I Am". And other gems from the Faculty of the University of Alice Springs (no poofters!).
"Oh king eh? thats nice. And how do you get that eh? By exploiting the workers!"

The Masonic architects sketch


The 'psychedelic' recruiting ad for the Royal navy
"Come together with the RN, it really is something other than else!"

Right! stop that, thats silly!
Funniest Joke in the World and Self-Defence are great but Kilimanjaro is hilarious. However, my sister did throw up watching the Chocolate Coated Crunchy Frog sketch.
The cheese shop sketch,
The philosphers song,
The witch sketch from holy grail,
Bicycle repair man

Oh and the classic totally non PC yet extremely funny

Never be rude to an Arab.
i wondered if anyone would remember don't be rude to an arab... cracks me up every time. love the whole monty python sings cd in fact.

all of the life of brian..
the banana combat thing was brilliant too.
i wish they'd throw the whole thing back on telly again, remember watching it in the 80's and crying with laughter and my mum going "thats just not funny though" great stuff
Let us not forget the wonderfully graphic 'Not the Noel Coward Song.'

'Isn't awfally nice to have a pen*s,
Isn't it terribly good to have a do*g'

St Vincent and the women.

The violinist who destroys priceless violins while the whole orchestra goes to pieces. Can't remember what it's called...

Very disturbed people indeed but far better than a dagger in the clitoris.
I'm a big fan of:

There's nowt wrong with gala luncheons, why don't you be an actor like yer dad, leading to tungsten carbide drills etc
he wanks as high as any in Wome.. he has a wife, you know.... Incontinentia...................

Incontinentia Buttocks..

People called Rome they go the house??

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