Monty Python - Military Drilling

Does anyone have a copy of the Military Drilling sketch by Monty Python? I'd really appreciate a copy for a presentation next week. I can see it on U-Tube, but cannot download it. Is there a way to download from there?

Hanx in advance.

Baggy :twisted:

Then convert it to mpeg using riva flv converter.
Hanx mate, but you've lost me...any chance of telling me what to do as it sounds complicated, or is it easy?

Cheers, Baggy.
May not be of help, but this is on the MP Series 1 DVD set, was also a sketch on And Now for Something Completely Different. Could get someone to rip them off a disc?
It's as easy as a Geordie on holiday. You highlight the location in the toolbar up top ( it'll look like or some such), and copy it. then paste it in the blank box on and press the 'download' button.

This will save it to your computer as an .flv (flash) file, called get_video. Right click it and rename it anything you like, but add '.flv' to the end, or it won't work. Most likely, to show it in a presentation, you'll need it to be an mpeg or .avi file. So, download Riva FLV Converter (google it, it's free) and then use that program on the .flv file you've just downloaded. It will take about 40secs.

Honestly, it's very easy, just play around with it a bit..

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