Monty lines Aldershot

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pegasusbranding, May 30, 2010.

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  1. Some recent photos Ive found on the web, I know plenty of posters have spent time here I though may be of interest for some.

    Monty Lines
  2. Looks like its improved since 9 Sqn have left. :D

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  3. Allegedly, the maintenance company on the Garrison was still charging for routine tasks, until pictures like these were produced...I think we got our money back.
    Here are some photos of one of our old BFES schools :
  4. I run past there most you know there's still people living in E Block of Arnhem Bks? Apparently it's the Aspire workers or something.
    Fucking squatters in my old bunk!!
  5. God! I spent a few years there and find the pics rather sad. Is phot No 26 9 Sqn bar? - Looks like it.

    As a matter of semi-academic interest, while I was in 1 PARA Offrs' Mess my sister who was studying History of Art at the time came and had a look around Montgomery lines and was particularly interested in the concrete murals as seen on the right on photo No 32. Her angle on ML and Browning Barracks was the cheating fcuk of an architect who designed and built them.

    That's bought a load of memories flooding back - thanks for the post.
  6. Wasn't it a bloke called Poulson or something? Believe he did a few Barracks around that time and ended up in jail.

  7. I was there from 1999-2006 and 9 SQN bar was at the far left of picture 32, I think photo 26 is from a function room from the NAAFI complex,
  8. Yes - I stand corrected. The NAAFI. I have vague memories of the 9 Sqn bar being above it (I never went there sober so I may be mistaken).
  9. I belive before my time they used to be a few SQN bars in the NAAFI complex so things might have changed round lots, Whilst I was there they was only us with a bar in the complex though.
  10. Out of interest PB, can one tour around ML nowadays without having to jump through hoops to get the appropriate permission? I am moving back to Europe after many years in Africa, and a nostalgia trip to the 'shot is definitely on the agenda.
  11. Iam not sure, I do have means to find out though. I will post my findings on here in the near future
  12. Speak to Cunny Funt on here, he goes in there quite a bit and obviously knows who to speak to.
  13. Thanks again JD. I'll also get in touch with TS who used to run the Rat Pit - I know he's been back there. (They're not one and the same are they?)
  14. I was 9 SQN barman for a while, I also never went there sober :D
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