Montreal street names

Discussion in 'Canada' started by DavidBOC, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. I'm not Canadian and hail from Massachusetts well to the south. I do have many friends and a couple of wonderful God-kids in Canada so follow the news to some degree

    It appears the the Francophone Quebecois want to remove the name of Lord Jeffery Amherst from Montreal street signs. Linky here What next? Will Prince Arthur St become Rue Louis XV le Bien-Aimé ??

    If they truly have to remove the name of Lord Amherst from the street signs might I respectfully suggest that the street be renamed Rue Edgar Trottier. He was, IIRC, a war veteran.*The Francophones should appreciate that it is appropriate to replace the name of one veteran with that of another.

    * M. Trottier was the poor man run over and killed at 4AM by Rene Levesque as he raced through Montreal with his mistress by his side. M. Levesque did pay his debt to society however in the form of a $25 fine.
  2. A typical Montreal no-mark politician who wants to make a name of himself/leave a legacy of some sort. These hare-brained ideas come along every decade or so, as this article explains:

    Montreal Gazette editorial

    A book published about 30 years ago called "The Anglo Guide to Survival in Quebec" said that Montreal's city council made Moscow's city council look open, benign, and democratic in comparison. Things still haven't changed.
  3. OK That makes sense. Quebec is sometimes odd. I used to go there frequently when my son was living in Montreal but have not been there in a couple of years.

    By the way, the avator/capbadge. Is that a highland sort of regiment from the Ottawa area, The Stormont Dsomething Gsomething regiment
  4. You've got the first bit down...... "Dundas" and "Glengarry" are the other two counties.
  5. I have been to Quebec myself, from my observations, there is very little concession for English speakers and active discouragement of Anglophones in particular English language education for school age Anglophones, while I liked Quebec city, including plains of Abraham, I did feel like I was an interloper and I didn't feel compelled to go back.

    One question I am thinking and hopefully resident Canadian will be able to answer this, do you think the Independence of Quebec is inevitable ? will there be partition of Quebec on linguistic lines, this would help to maintain territorial connections between the east and west, from sea to sea.

    There have been 2 referendums in each occasion the vote got closer, the next one I feel will be more yes than no to independence, bearing in mind, this could be 90% for in French areas and probably 90% against in English areas.

    Some English Canadians have commented that they would like the French to leave Canada.

    Thoughts ?
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    My English speaking family were raised in Montreal and despite the politician tosspts most older Montrealers and the police were great with us and put up with our schoolboy refusal to speak french. Sadly those realtives that survive have all moved down south to get away from a bankrupt country (their words not mine). In 86 Alberta looked rich and Montreal was prosperous enough for my cousins to fly over and see me after a trip to Wainwright and not worry about the expense. 2001 it looked skint, 2006 it looked broken down in the main and massively overun by immigrants from the Lebanon etc.
    No way would I emigrate there now and lucky for NZ there isnt enough work to take me there either!
  7. Sandfox:

    I would suggest that if you are interested that you get a copy of "If Quebec goes....." by David L Johnston and (someone else, blanking out here). It discusses in some depth the issues involved. David Johnston is a former law professor, former head of McGill University in Montreal and current head of Waterloo Univ. in Ontario. It should help you understand this issue a bit better.
  8. I was raised in that fcuking province , don't get me started.The separatist's are stopping at nothing to remove any and all english from that province.Arret only on the stop signs , not allowed to have english as your dominant business name , an immigrant? good your kids are going to a french school. :x

  9. Thanks mate looked it up, looks interesting, will order it in the new year when the rush is over and back to normal.

    IMO I feel it will probably be inevitable that Independence will come about, I also feel that English Canada would be glad to see them go, providing they can maintain land connections to the east via the Northern route through English majority area and First Nation lands, who have said they would remain with Canada rather then Quebec, Quebec must allow them self determination under international law.

    If USA and Canada were to have an open "Shengen type" border arrangement, that would make things a lot easier, which got more holes than a Swiss cheese anyway.

    I think it will take at least 18 months to sort out, during which the Canadian and Quebec government, will be setting out their stalls, for the International community, to reassure the trading partners and financial market, in many ways Quebec is an Independent nation in everything but name.
    will be interesting times, I think Canada will survive it, not sure about Quebec.
  10. Perhaps the next EU State? Probably more appropriate than Turkey!
  11. However, the separatists insist that Quebec is an indivisible whole, and claim that any notion of the partition of Quebec in the event of a successful referendum is utterly absurd. It's a "Have your cake and eat it" type notion at its worst, but I don't expect much logic from the more rabid sovereigntists.

    Quebec's policy to Canada can be summed up thusly:

  12. I too have visited Quebec and quite frankly i thought the people were downright rude and so unwelcoming! it was like how dare you speak english! i did try and speak french but didnt bother after a while! Paris was more friendly!
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Says a lot if the visitors think Paris was more friendly.
    I spent a day or two looking for the old Eatons Memorial plaque with my Grandfathers name on it, the froglodytes moved it when they destroyed the old buildings to create le underground rip off centre!