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Evening all, i am after abit of advice (for a change!!). I've got my main board last week of March and all going swimmingly i'm aiming to be at RMAS for MAY '10 intake. I realise i will have to attend a PCCBC prior to commencing the commissioning course, where amongst other things i will be subject to a medical.

Now the thing is i'm in full time employment and have to give my company a months notice, obviously this will have to be done prior to me attending the PCCBC.

The question is thus...Am i being an idiot of the highest order by jacking my job in before i've signed on the dotted line? I'm presuming the medical at the main board is of similar rigour to that at the PCCBC, so presuming if i'm deemed fit to serve at Westbury, it will be a similar result at the PCCBC barring a drastic onset of AIDS, asthma or loss of limb?!?! But we all know what assumptions are the mother of, so i thought i'd test the water so to speak.

Thanks for taking time to read and any advice.

p.s... before someone points out i know i still have to pass main board and have space on May intake and a PCCBC...but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead! :p
You're basically in exactly the same position as me. My plan is to get my Main Board board done (and hopefully passed!), then hand in notice and crack on with the PCCBC etc.. It's the only way of giving the due notice and whilst it does assume the PCCBC goes as planned, having quite literally just been given the all clear from Westbury there seems relatively little opportunity for too massive a disaster at the PCCBC.

From what I can gather from the Army website, the main ways of failing the PCCBC are on fitness and medical, and as you point out there seems no reason (or none that I can see) for the standards being any different from those at Main Board.
Best of luck for March.
I understood (possibly wrongly) that the medical at PCCBC was the full medical and the one at AOSB was not as stringent. I can't point to a source for this so it could be wrong. However, it does seem strange to give guys a full medical at AOSB when they might not be joining for another 5 years!
So i'm not the only one then! Hopefully a wiser, more enlightened member will able to shed some light on the problem.
Likewise good luck with main board. Apologies slightly off topic, but it is my own!! Shifty i recall you said you were going on the Para POC last week? What syndicate and did you get sponsorship? Weren't red by any chance?

Wager- That's an excellent point and something i completely overlooked.
You could well be right. I'd be interested to know either way so hopefully someone with first-hand experience will be along to clear this up.
I've got to take my full medical records to PCCBC next week. I am bricking it, even though I'm perfectly healthy I have no idea what is going to happen.

I am handing in my notice on the Friday after PCCBC providing everything goes well.
Indeed I did, however things took a turn for the worse when I snapped my upper arm clean in two (rather impressively if I do say so myself) at the Para Insight course in October. Having stayed in touch with the regiment after I was discharged for Colchester hospital, I had planned on still attending the POC in December, sitting out on the press-ups/ assault course etc.
However this got vetoed at the last minute by the Adjt., so no POC for me.

How did you get on in the end? I hear sponsorship is rather hard to come by.
I think anyone working will be in the same position.

I have to give 2 months notice on my job, I have PCCBC in March (16th) but am also going on 3 weeks of grading in March/April so I just took the plunge and handed in my notice. Really hoping it doesn't all go down the pan. Just got to stay healthy and injury free for the next 2 months........

Good luck with your choices though. Also I would be weary if I were you just in case you don't pass Main board first go, plus all the PCCBC courses may also be full already? Might be best to plan on September but hope on May?

I was previously hoping on Jan, but seems like May was the better option rather than try to rush everything(even though timing wise I could have attended Jan), it also gave me time to get some more FAM visits in.
f_torres got sponsorship. He was in red syndicate (which wasn't as strong as green...) and got the fastest run time... unless you listened to the lippy bloke with a black eye, who coulda done with another slap or too....

Torres shouldn't you be moving some cables around stansted rather than being on Arrse?

P.S PCCBC will be fine unless your med docs bring up an suprises. Medical is exactly the same as AOSB but they need to do one to a) check medical docs and b) check there have been no changes since your last med.
I'm a little edgy about my PCCBC medical as well. My current employer knows my plans and I am recruiting my replacement so if I should fail there I'm up a creek somewhat.

I had also heard the PCCBC medical was relatively rigorous. I got my medical docs from my GP last week and they make for entertaining reading if nothing else. I'm working on the assumption that as I passed AOSB medical in January I should be fine for PCCBC medical in March, though would be interested to hear from anyone who can shed some light on exactly what we can expect.
Major_Clanger said:
Heard May intake is full.... from someone who's trying to get on it
A friend of mine got onto it yesterday, but its entirely possible that he got one of the last few places. Best to call OCAC or AOSB and check.
Just got back from the first PCCBC and I can assure you the May intake is far from full. They said a 225 + Overseas cadets!

PCCBC is really good and gives you a good insight to what to expect.

p.s. Handed in my notice today! Yes!!
Thanks for clarifying Exwing, and congratulations! Must be a great feeling, my notice is already written and sitting on my desk waiting for my Main Board to roll around (presumptuous I know but it makes me feel better!).
Thanks Shifty.

As a point of note, I was really nervous before my PCCBC as it's the unknowing that gets you. The medical wasn't as intensive as MB and if you pass the Board fitness, you'll pass the PCCBC. Good luck with getting in for May. If I were you (and any others in the same boat), I'd make contacts with your sponsors and ACA's to make sure they know you want the May intake.

p.s. My boots are awesome.

I was on Para insight and POC with you (the mighty blue (yellow) syndicate). I had main board 2 weeks ago and am pleased to say I passed and have a place for May. Have PCCBC 16-18th of March and am looking forward to hopefully handing in my notice the next day. All the best for main board, hopefully see you May 9th.


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