Monthly preserved pension amount under AFPS75

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by charginglancer, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. Hi there am after some help please.

    I will get a monthly preserved pension at 60 plus a lump sum of three times the final value all been confirmed by SPVA.

    What I am trying to find out is how is the monthly sum received worked out. Despite talking to SPVA the answer is not forthcoming all they have sent me is the current valuations.

    Is it a simple matter of the final pension value divided by 12 (months)?

    Many thanks
    Charging Lancer
    Once a lancer always a lancer
  2. Yes it is - paid each month on the 20th or the last working day before the 20th.
  3. Thanks for that really appreciated
  4. The pension is paid approximately one month after your 60th birthday and it is approximate. But, once the date in the month has been decided, it will always be paid on that date unless (as Donny rightly says) the date falls on a weekend or public holiday, in which case it is paid on the working day before the due date.

    About how it is paid, you are right, the yearly amount is divided into 12 payments. If you are still working, remember that you can only have one personal tax allowance, so make sure that Equiniti Paymaster do not give you another.
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  5. but you can split your tax code my war pension needs none .........enough is given to paymaster to cover service pension rest is spread between other pensions as I get personal tax code plus blind allowance after first year of splitting tax man just shares increase each year
  6. I recieved a pension forecast afps75 as 60 the other week is this what i will get or is it normally lower, and how long will my gratuity take
  7. Where can you write to , to find out when and how much your pension will be.
    I was in from 1982-1991 came out as a corporal.

    Since leaving I live in Germany, if I was to get an early state pension in germany due to having a
    heart attack, can I claim to get an early army pension aswell?

    cheers for any replys
    sorry for bumping the thread
  8. What date did you leave? If you give me the date I will tell you what to multiply it by to get its current value.

    If you are unable to work full time due to disability, and the prognosis is that the condition will continue until you are preserved pension age, you can apply to have your preserved pension and lump sum early. Contact Veterans UK. You will be required to submit medical evidence for their medics to consider but, if approved, your pension and lump sum is payable immediately, and is increased by CPI each year going forward.
  10. Cheers for that
  11. Left in Apr 1991
    I dont know where the paper with the sum is any more but
    it was just over 1400 if I remember righlty.


    If I shouls die, what would my wife get?

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  12. If you left between the 1 and 21 April 91 you multiply by 1.925156. If it was between 22 April and 21 May 91 you multiply by 1.918868. These multiplication factors come from a government produced table.

    If you were to die your wife would get half of your pension.

    I hope this helps.
  13. Thanks a lot much appreciated
  14. Got a reply from the link above today
    DBS JPAC Enquiry Centre

    They said you can apply in writing or fill an attached form

    AFPS 14 ( a 1 page version of the AFPS 13)

    and send to

    Pay & Pensions Process Team
    Mailpoint 335
    Kentigern House
    65 Brown Street
    G2 8EX

    any enquiries can be sent to


    DBS JPAC Enquiry CentreMilitary Personnel & Veterans UK
    Defence Business Services

    Telephone +44 (0) 141 224 3600 | Military 94560 3600 | Free 0800 085 3600

    Kentigern House 65 Brown Street Glasgow G2 8EX

    They will provide information and any application forms that may be needed.

    Thanks for all replies and I hope these addresses and numbers may help others.