Month Left To Start Basic

Well I'm off to Bassingbourn at the end of September and I have let my fitness drop a little 8O stupid I know how fit will I need to be and is there any fitness programs that will get me fit quicker rather than just running.
Just running mate, work on 1.5 - 3 mile distances.

TBPH, I did no training at all before selection or basic and my fittness was fine.
Are you taking the p1ss? You've signed up for the Army, and don't know what the fitness standards are? Is this a waaaaahhhhh?!?!?

Seriously though, just keep running til you're using your arse as a 3rd lung.
Just give your self a long slow run of about 4-7 miles and a fast short farlek type run, a swimming session and a session on a bike with some light weights and upper body in the evenings, but northing too strenuous as PTI's will give you a more structured training in basic. Also make sure you have two rest days programmed into this, but variate it so you dont get bored and to what your ability is. As said dont do to much as the PTI's will soon get to into shape but its best to be active beforehand.
I done it in 10.08 or something like that cant really remember and another thing when I'm going to take the oath will my mum need to come down with me to sign anything because I'm under 18 :?

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