Montenegro MoD purchase pair of Bell 505

Montenegro MoD going to purchase pair of Bell 505 for around 3.2 million Euros

As last year F-HJRX (first French Bell 505 - my photos from Helitech 2018) went to Montenegro to be evaluated with the Montenegro armed forces.

Nice cockpit but overall looks like a helicopter drawn by a school kid
Quite a few folk have said (both pilots and plane spotters) said its ugly, I think it’s nice and sleek compared to some a Russian designs. I was at Paris Air Show, when Bell announces development of their SLS Short Light Single , the 505 and Under year later Heli Expo 2014 in Anaheim when Bell unveiled the mock up . I’ve also flown it in states ...and tis nice in <10-12 kt wind .

Amount Of orders and deliveries globally are large...also the parpaulbic airborne law enforcement version already been delivered to Sacramento Police Dept

and now Stockton Pd

Japan Coast Guard are probably the first government agency to use it in the world as they will utilise it for flight training and limited missions replacing their legacy Bell 206B Jet Ranger III. Likewise with Horizon Flight Academy in UAE taking deliveries of 15 (?) 505 to train ab initial Gulf Co Op States military RW Pilots.

oh and it’s reached the news networks as a valuable ENG tool..

Anyhow in Montenegro service its gonna replace the Gazelles (built under license under the former Yugoslavia ). I know of hand, that the 505 will get sold to a company which will weaponise it and then hand it over to the Montenegro MoD.


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