Montane Lakeland 100/50

Well I took the plunge and entered the 50 miler.....anyone else fancy it?!
Jolly little jaunt over the hills and all that!
I have entered as well. Looking forward to it, its going to be a long day.

Are you going to get up to any of the recce runs? first one is early Nov.
I have entered as well. Looking forward to it, its going to be a long day.

Are you going to get up to any of the recce runs? first one is early Nov.
I will be but not the November one as I'm working. You done it before? I'll be doing most of my hill training in Brecon as it's nearer than the Lakes for me.
Happy to advise. My longest race is just over 40 miles across the North York Moors, which took just under 6 hours, but I've done 30 road marathons (several running for the Army and one Combined Service vest) and about 20 off-road marathon equivalents. I've put plenty of soldiers through marathons and still reckon that a bloke who is comfortable with the CFT (or whatever it's called these days) can do a 3:30 to 4:15 marathon on a pretty short work-up of a month or so.

What's your current training regime and what's your target?

The old rule of thumb is that you start to struggle in runs at about 3 times your daily average mileage. That means an awful lot of long slow distance for you. You also need to learn the art of eating on the hoof, but if you've a background of tabbing (Brecon and the 'Shot suggests you do), then you'll already know how to do that and you'll have the feet, joints etc and mental attitude too.

Having said that, there's some very sensible advice on the event website. And I think I've earlier referred you to the LDWA challenge events and the FRA websites (look at Bob Graham round and long distance challenges) for training advice and events to enter.
I haven't done the Lakeland event before, but its not my first ultra. Just got some dates of the recce runs, going to get to them if possible. No real concerns over the nav but want to at least get out of sight of the start line before checking the compass! Plus they will hopefully make some good training runs :

Nov 7th is confirmed, Pooley Bridge to Ambleside (26miles)

Others: (not yet confirmed)

Jan 16th Coniston to Buttermere (25 miles)
March 27th Ambleside to Coniston (16miles)
May 15th Buttermere to Dalemain (34miles)
June 25th-26th 2 day recce of the full 50 route
Are they all recces for the 50 miler?
I believe they will cover the full 100 mile course. From the email they sent out there will be access to a runners area on the site as of Oct 1st. In there you should be able to see the route, and from that work out which recces cover the 50 miler and which ones cover parts of the 100 route.
The mail is sent out automatically as soon as you enter I think. The one I recieved looked automated and has the subject of "Welcome!!". May be worth a check of the junk mail folders, although there is not huge amounts of info it just happened to mention about the user area on the site being available in Oct, that you can keep in touch via facebook, that both races are hard and a little bit about 'Fix The Fells'
Oh, and with all this kit reviewing going on if any running firm out there would like me to trial any gucci running kit/waterproofs etc then get in touch!!
Oh yes, new set of fell runners would be nice!

Have you checked out the Competitor Area yet? I'm off to locate the necessary O/S maps, would be much happier with some 1:25000 maps. I have a list of the checkpoints so just need to see how many maps it covers.
Yup, lots of useful info there. You're best bet with regards the map is get the Harveys BMC 1:40000 of the Lakes as it's the one they use and has the whole course on one map, I've plotted the check points on mine and it's scary!!
Cheers for the link. I have checked out the FRA site a couple of times before. There is plenty of good stuff on there. Think i will go for the 1:40,000 map then.

J-D, have just been to the local outdoor shop and checked out a few of the grid refs on the BMC map... you're right, bloody scary to actually look at it! will order one of the marked ones from the lakeland site.
Just done a 16 mile recce of this......I have come to the conclusion that Fell Runners aren't normal people.
Sneak.....don't say a word!!
I am interested in this. Hardest races i have done to date are the Winter Hill Fell Race (12miles/3600ft ascent) and Sedburgh (16miles/6100ft ascent) both in around 3 hours. Most advice i would give is try to keep your training to the hills and circuits in between. 50 miles is a lot of steps, if you are constantly hitting the tarmac for training RSI's will surely surface over that 50 miles. Fewer miles, more ascent will get you the strength per stride you need to get over the hills. circuits in between (think burpees x a lot) will keep the strength through the full range of motion, vital for fell running. Think of your training as 'hours on hills per week' rather than miles per week to prevent. This is how i personally train, since i switched from lots of road miles to hills and circuits i have slashed my mile and a half and increased my mileage range to 20+ and now regularly compete in category A fell races. For me, the roads lack a certain element of training that the fells gives you.

Regards to recce runs, the coniston fell race is on at the end of the month over the old man of coniston, around 9 miles, but would be a good guide to the scenary..
All good points MR.....I'm off to Brecon this weekend to try and crack 30 miles around the hills, that's one of the main problems I have with training for the Lakeland 50 is that I'm 3 hours from the biggest hills (Brecon).
I'll probably be going into the race slightly under trained for the height but I'll have to rely on my 'don't jack' attitude to get me round!
Also, I'm bound to be carrying injuries...I don't heal as quick as I used to!
MR, I finished in 3:10 at Sedbergh last year, maybe you passed me when I was knackered.

JD, can't you do a load of up and overs on the Hog's Back if you're in Aldershot? Some fell runners also do uphill cycling in lieu of hill running for leg strength.

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