Montane Featherlite

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Major_Clanger, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. Any good? I require something that keeps the wind out and keeps me warm but not to the point that when you start moving you conk out. It's this or I get a Buffalo/Softie/Montane.... Is the featherlite a good compromise? Good to wear under a smock? Cheers.
  2. What exactly are you wanting it for?

    Featherlite will keep the wind and a light shower out but that is it. There's no warmth in them. They're great when moving if you have a helly or something underneath but when you stop you cool down pretty quick.
  3. Not quite sure what I want, there's not that many reviews out there. Ideally want another layer that I can put on and be active in without keeling over from heat a la fleece under smock style. Something to stick on under sweaty CBA or over helly/t-shirt I guess to add some insulation/keep the chill out.
  4. The featherlite smock is a windproof outer layer. Good for running in or keeping the wind off when walking but not much use as an insulating layer under a smock.
  5. I luuurve my Montane extreme smock - its good in winter field ex's - dont need anything underneath. Its great with just my smock on top but difficult to open the vents when in CBA so you get a bit sweaty if your fire & manoeuvreing with CBA on. Keeps you cozy even if wet tho! :)
    Buffalo pile is a bit thinner so better spring/autmn, and the design's a bit more primative, but does the job too.
  6. Go and find a shop near you that stocks Rab clothing. Something like:


    might be what you are looking for - micro fleece, pertex outer, close fitting but more suited to moving about than a Buffalo.
  7. The montane toasty is quite good. Not as warm or bulky as a softy, but nearly. It's quite light in comparison.
  8. How small does it pack?
  9. The Featherlite is only good as a windproof outer layer. It's particularly useful in summer when you come to a stop somewhere with a biting wind. It packs down to almost nothing so you can pack it away anywhere.
  10. The Buffalo Teclite may be what you're looking for. Like a normal Buffalo shirt, but with a thin microfleece lining rather than the thicker fibrepile.

  11. Its not tiny, i guess about the same a windproof when jammed into yer daysack/bergen or whatever.