Montane Extreme Jacket

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Whisper, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone here tried one? Looking for some decent warm kit for wandering up Snowdon with (the Mrs is "climbing" it for charity and I have somehow been roped into attending) and general walking the dogs in. My Softie is getting on in years now and this jacket caught my eye.

    Any opinions or input would be welcomed.
  2. Is it made by Deerhunter by any mad chance?

  3. Cheers Rice Boy. It was this jacket version I was looking at though so it has a full zip at the front so maybe it would provide a little more ventilation.

    FB- Negative, it's made by Montane.
  4. I picked up a Montane Extreme Smock for a hike across Scotland, not quite the same thing (the smock is a pull-over) but from the specs I think technically they are very similar.

    They are fantastically made - Montane is a brilliant manufacturer. The hood is very good, and will keep you quite toasty if you completely fasten it (though not nearly as toasty as a softie sleeka). Very water repellent and windproof as well.

    My only problem is that I overheat quite quickly, and if you are doing relatively intensive hillwalking you might run a bit hot. It does come with well designed venting system, but even then it didn't quite manage to cool me down. It is quite bulky and relatively heavyweight, but if you are only taking on day hikes that probably won't be much of a problem.

    The mates I was walking with wore these:

    They are more lightweight and keep your temperature very regulated while walking (1/2 zip and you can loosen the cuffs so much that you can pull the sleeves to your elbow with no problem). I don't think they are quite as windproof.

    However these tops are designed for activity. Will you be sitting about a lot for Snowdon? If you are, I'd just buy another softie because neither will keep you as warm while static.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Took one look at the green one and my first thought was "GAS GAS GAS !!". Am I showing my age?
  6. Bugger knows at the moment. From what I've seen of the group a far few of them are out of shape and I foresee quite a lot of stopping and starting.

    I was more interested in the Montane over the Softie because of its hood. I see it as more of an outer layer and the softie a mid layer?
  7. I have had mine for ages and it is used alot of the time as it so robust and warm. I went for the obligatory green and black. It is much better than my old buffalo as it has harder wearing material on the arms and a better fitting. It has better pockets too. I got mine at the Montane factory near Ashington in Northumberland. They have lots of great kit in their factory shop for peanuts cash and on top of that they'll do an armed forces discount. If you are around up here and need directions PM me.
  8. The way I used mine was a base layer and my montane while walking with a gore-tex in reserve if it really started lashing it down, then when we stopped I threw off my montane and popped on my softie (bear in mind this was in bothies, protected from the elements except cold). The system worked quite well for me except when walking in 2-4 degrees when it got a bit warm. However if your not carrying tons of kit up Snowdon and you are using it for walking the dogs, it would work pretty well.
  9. What he said. Also, showerproof, windproof and keeps you warm as toast when static. I wouldnt do anything strenuous in it cos you will cook. They are the warmest single bit of kit I have possessed.
  10. Sounds good to me then, I'll chuck in an order tomorrow one in OG for me, and one in Red for her. Cheers guys appreciate the help
  11. Got one, its harry fecking red pigs
  12. I've not worn my Extreme jacket out in 12 years - brilliant kit. Just got the smock in green for exercises etc and it is just as good. Far better design than Buffalo, cheaper and just tough
  13. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    It's a cracking bit of kit!
  14. Just get one in Black not OG!!

    In my opinon....